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NEET Biology Model Test-8

NEET Biology Model Test-8

Question No:1
Which of the following classification is based on some morphological characters?

[A] Artificial
[B] Natural
[C] c) Phylogenetic
[D] Both (b) and (c)

Question No:2
The process of joining of amino acids is called

[A] Transcription
[B] Translation
[C] Conjugation
[D] None of these

Question No:3
Which one is used in the production of insulin by genetic engineering?

[A] Eschereria coli
[B] Mycobacterium
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of these

Question No:4
Which of the following enzyme helps in digesting protein in stomach?

[A] Trypsin
[B] Pepsin
[C] Ptyalin
[D] Rennin

Question No:5
Which of the following products now a day’s prepared by recombinant DNA

[A] Erythropoietin
[B] Interferons
[C] Interleukins
[D] All of these

Question No:6
Etiolation in plants is caused when:

[A] They are grown in dark
[B] They have mineral deficiency
[C] They are grown in intense light
[D] They are grown in blue light

Question No:7
Electroporation involves:

[A] Promotion of seed germination by induced imbibition of water with electric current
[B] Making transient pores in cell membrane to facilitate entry of gene constructs
[C] Purification of saline water with the help of an artificial membrane
[D] Passage of sucrose through sieve pores by electro-osmosis

Question No:8
The larva of Bombyx mori is known as:

[A] Nymph
[B] Trochophore
[C] Cocoon
[D] Caterpillar

Question No:9
Aedes aegypti is a vector for:

[A] Both dengue and yellow fever
[B] Dengue fever
[C] Yellow fever
[D] Japanese encephalitis

Question No:10
The science of ageing is referred as

[A] Anthropology
[B] Chronology
[C] Gerontology
[D] Ctetology

Question No:11
Fat storing granules are:

[A] Elaioplast
[B] Amyloplast
[C] Aleuroplast
[D] None of these

Question No:12
Fertilization of sperm and ova takes place in:

[A] Ampulla of oviduct
[B] Isthmus of oviduct
[C] Fimbrae of oviduct
[D] None of the above

Question No:13
Protein deficiency leads to:

[A] Kwashiorkar
[B] Marasmus
[C] Cretinism
[D] Both (a) & (b)

Question No:14
Turner syndrome is:

[A] XO
[B] b) XXY
[D] d) XYY

Question No:15
How many pair of gill slits are present in class from which Hagfish belongs 3-15
[B] 4-15
[C] 5-15
[D] 6-15

Question No:16
Any mineral ion concentration in the tissue that reduces the dry weight of tissue by about ______ per cent is considered to be toxic,

[A] 20
[B] 10
[C] 5
[D] 30

Question No:17
Some interesting aspects of about earth’s biodiversity are based on the currently available species inventories. More than _______ percent of all the species recorded are animals,

[A] 50
[B] 60
[C] 70
[D] 90

Question No:18
How many chitinous teeth are present in gizzard of cockroach?

[A] 3
[B] 6
[C] 8
[D] 10

Question No:19
Keel in a pea flower is formed by how many petals?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 5

Question No:20
The ventral portion of the mid brain consists of how many round swelling (lobes)?

[A] 2
[B] 4
[C] 0
[D] 3

Question No:21
Phloem of gymnosperm contain

[A] sieve tubes
[B] albuminous cells
[C] companion cells
[D] tracheids

Question No:22
Widal test is used for the diagnosis of

[A] Malaria
[C] Plague
[D] Typhoid

Question No:23
Potato spindle tuber disease is caused by

[A] virus
[B] viriods
[C] fungi
[D] bacteria

Question No:24
Select the total number from the following which have one ovule in an ovary? wheat, watermelon, papaya, paddy, mango, orchid

[A] 2
[B] 3
[C] 1
[D] 4

Question No:25
Mark the odd one.

[A] Endometrium
[B] Corpus luteum
[C] Acrosome
[D] Graafian follicle

Question No:26
Walter Sutton is famous for his contribution to

[A] Genetic engineering
[B] Totipotency
[C] Quantitative genetics
[D] Chromosomal theory of inheritance

Question No:27
Taxonomic hierarchy refers to

[A] step-wise arrangement of all categories for classification of plants and animals
[B] a group of senior taxonomists, who decide the nomenclature of plants and animals
[C] a list of botanists or zoologists, who have worked on taxonomy of a species or group
[D] classification of a species based on fossil record

Question No:28
Which of the following is a Gram negative bacterium?

[A] Escherichia coli
[B] Bacillus subtilis
[C] Streptomyces coelicolor
[D] Ampycolatopsis orientalis

Question No:29
How many bio-geographical regions are present in India?

[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 7
[D] 10

Question No:30
The basic unit of study in Ecology is

[A] population
[B] organism
[C] community
[D] species

Question No:31
Sweet potato and potato are examples of

[A] Homologous structure
[B] Analogous structure
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of the above

Question No:32
The infective stage of Plasmodium vivax is

[A] sporozoite
[B] gametocyte
[C] trophozoite
[D] cryptozoite

Question No:33
The synthesis of complex molecules from simple molecules was proved by

[A] Arrhenius
[B] Pasteur
[C] Stanley Miller
[D] Redi

Question No:34
The Leydig cells secrete

[A] estrogen
[B] testosterone
[C] progesterone
[D] cortisol

Question No:35
In which plant terminal leaflets are modified into curved hooks for helping the plant in climbing

[A] Argemone
[B] Opuntia
[C] Bignonia unguis-cati
[D] Ficus

Question No:36
Calorie is the unit of:

[A] Sound
[B] Temperature
[C] Light
[D] Heat

Question No:37
One of the following acts as secondary pollutant:

[A] Br2
[B] Cl2
[C] NO2
[D] HNO3

Question No:38
Which of the following is a viviparous fish?

[A] Exocoetus
[B] Gambusia
[C] (e) Clarias
[D] Labeo

Question No:39
Inadequate protein intake leads to kwashiorkor. The subsequent edema is most closely related to inadequate synthesis of which protein?

[A] Gamma globulin
[B] Glucagon
[C] Insulin
[D] Albumin

Question No:40
The extent of which ion accumulation in guard cells determines the size of the stomatal opening

[A] sodium ion
[B] Potassium ion
[C] Chloride ion
[D] Calcium ion

Question No:41
Sub units in prokaryotic ribosomes are:

[A] 60S-40S
[B] 50S-30S
[C] 40S-30S
[D] 50S-20S

Question No:42
Rr/rr progeny: Red (dominant) flowered heterozygous crossed with white flower:

[A] 350 -> red: 350 -> white
[B] 450 -> red: 250 -> white
[C] 380 -> red: 320 -> white
[D] None of the above

Question No:43
Chloride shift in respond to:

[A] HCO3
[B] K+
[C] H+
[D] Na+

Question No:44
Operon concept was proposed by:

[A] Jacob and Monod
[B] b) David Baltimore
[C] Allec Jaffery
[D] d) None of the above

Question No:45
How much % of angiosperm pollen grains sheds at 2-celled stage?

[A] >40
[B] >50
[C] >60
[D] >70