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NEET Biology Model Test-12

NEET Biology Model Test-12

Question No:1
Which of the following provides nutrition to sperm?

[A] Leydig cells
[B] Scrotum
[C] Sertoli cells
[D] Epididymis

Question No:2
The nerve fibre in its resting stage is

[A] More- permeable to K+
[B] Semi-permeable to K+
[C] Less permeable to K+
[D] All of the above

Question No:3
Decrease in the calcium level in blood is caused by

[A] prolactin
[B] Calcitonin
[C] adrenocorticotropin
[D] oxytocin

Question No:4
Which of the following is not a function of liver?

[A] Production of bile
[B] Production of insulin
[C] Glycogen storage
[D] Detoxification

Question No:5
Somaclonal variation appears in plants:

[A] Growing in polluted soil or water
[B] Exposed to gamma rays
[C] Raised in tissue culture
[D] Transformed by recombinant DNA technology

Question No:6
Recombination is involved in the process of:

[A] Cytokinesis
[B] Spindle formation
[C] Crossing over
[D] Chromosome duplication

Question No:7
A kingdom common to unicellular animals and plants is:

[A] Monera
[B] Plantae
[C] Fungi
[D] Protista

Question No:8
HIV is classified as a retrovirus because its genetic information is carried in:

[A] DNA instead of RNA
[C] RNA instead of DNA
[D] Protein coat

Question No:9
mRNA directs the building of proteins through a sequence of:

[A] Exons
[B] Introns
[C] Codons
[D] Anticodons

Question No:10
Enzyme found functional in lysosome is:

[A] Acid phosphatase
[B] Basic phosphatase
[C] Oxido reductase
[D] Liases

Question No:11
Haematuria means:

[A] RBC in the urine
[B] WBC in the urine
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of the above

Question No:12
National Botanical Institute is situated at:

[A] Lucknow
[B] b) Kolkata
[C] Mumbai
[D] d) Chennai

Question No:13
IAA is derived from or which of the following is involved in the synthesis of a plant hormone IAA and Vasoconstricter Serotonin?

[A] Tryptophan
[B] Tyrosine
[C] Phenylalamine
[D] None of these

Question No:14
Gibberellin causes:

[A] a) Apical dominance
[B] Flowering
[C] Internodal growth
[D] Wilting

Question No:15
Central dogma of genetic information modified by the discovery of:

[A] Reverse transcriptase
[B] DNA polymerase
[C] RNA polymerase
[D] Ligase

Question No:16
National Forest Policy (1988) of India has recommended _______ per cent forest cover for the plains and _____ per cent for the hills,

[A] 33,67
[B] 67,33
[C] 40,60
[D] 60,40

Question No:17
Plasma is a straw coloured, viscous fluid constituting nearly 55% of the blood. 90-92 % of plasma is water and proteins contribute _______ % of it.

[A] 3-4
[B] 6-8
[C] 10-15
[D] 10-12

Question No:18
Menopause generally occur at which age

[A] 45
[B] 50
[C] 55
[D] 40

Question No:19
Percentage wt. of carbon in human body is

[A] 65
[B] 18.5
[C] 0.5
[D] 3.3

Question No:20
Specialised procedure to form an embryo in the laboratory in which a sperm is directly injected in to the ovum is

[D] AI

Question No:21
Select the two statements out of the four (1-4) given below about lac operon.
(1) Glucose or galactose may bind with the represser and inactivate it
(2) In the presence of lactose, the represser binds with the operator region
(3) The y-gene codes for permease
(4) This was elucidated by Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod
The correct statements are

[A] (2) and (3)
[B] (1)and(3)
[C] (3) and (4)
[D] (1)and(2)

Question No:22
The vomit centre situated at

[A] hypothalamus
[B] pons
[C] cerebellum
[D] medulla

Question No:23
The length of fallopian rube is

[A] 5-6 cm
[B] 10-12 cm
[C] 14-16 cm
[D] 2-14 cm

Question No:24
Which one of the following is not a lateral meristem?

[A] Intra fascicular cambium
[B] Inter fascicular cambium
[C] Phellogen
[D] Intercalary meristem

Question No:25
In blood group typing in human, if an allele contributed by one parent is IA and an allele contributed by the other parent is i, the resulting blood group of the offspring will be

[A] A
[B] B
[C] AB
[D] O

Question No:26
Darwin judged the fitness of an individual by

[A] ability to defend itself
[B] strategy to obtain food
[C] number of off springs
[D] dominance over other individuals

Question No:27
Resemblance of one organism to another for protection and hiding is

[A] mimicry
[B] predation
[C] adaptation
[D] camouflage

Question No:28
How many chromosomes will the cell have at G1; after S and after M-phase respectively, if it has 14 chromosomes at interphase?

[A] 14, 14, 7
[B] 14, 14, 14
[C] 7, 7, 7
[D] 7, 14, 14

Question No:29
Blood cells involved in inflammatory reactions are

[A] basophils
[B] neutrophils
[C] eosinophils
[D] monocytes

Question No:30
ADH deficiency causes

[A] diabetes insipidus
[B] goitre
[C] tetany
[D] acromegaly

Question No:31
Oral contraceptive pills function by

[A] Fertilization
[B] Inhibiting ovulation
[C] Reproduction
[D] None of the above

Question No:32
Genes when close together on a chromosome are known as

[A] Linkage
[B] Mutation
[C] Translation
[D] Transcription

Question No:33
The ozone layer is found in

[A] troposphere
[B] mesosphere
[C] stratosphere
[D] atmosphere

Question No:34
The vital capacity of human lung is equal to

[A] 500 mL
[B] 4600 mL
[C] 5800 mL
[D] 2300 mL

Question No:35
In a monoecious plant:

[A] Male and female sex organs are on different individuals
[B] Male and female gametes are of two morphologically distinct types
[C] Male and female sex organs are on the same individual
[D] All the stamens are fused to form one unit

Question No:36
A fibrous root system is excellent for:

[A] Food storage
[B] Nitrogen fixation
[C] Absorbing water from deeper layer of soil
[D] Providing good anchorage for the plant

Question No:37
Which of the following is a rootless aquatic plant, in which a portion of the leaf forms a tiny sac for trapping insects?

[A] Nepenthes
[B] Drosera
[C] Utricularia
[D] Dionaea

Question No:38
Vomiting centre is located hi the:

[A] Stomach and sometimes in duodenum
[B] Gastro-intestinal tract
[C] Hypothalamus
[D] Medulla oblongata

Question No:39
Carbon dioxide is called green-house gas because it is:

[A] Used in green-house to increase plant growth
[B] Transparent to heat but traps sunlight
[C] Transparent to sunlight but traps heat
[D] Transparent to both sunlight and heat

Question No:40
Action of lysozyme is:

[A] Physiological
[B] Anatomical
[C] Morphological
[D] None of these

Question No:41
Which of the following is both osmoregulator as well as nitrogenous product?

[A] NH3
[B] Urea
[C] Uric acid
[D] All of these

Question No:42
Penicillin was used in:

[A] I world war
[B] II world war
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of these

Question No:43
Transverse binary fission is found in:

[A] Paramecium
[B] Amoeba
[C] Hydra
[D] Euglena

Question No:44
If non-limiting condition are provided then, which happens?

[A] Natality increase and mortality decreases
[B] Morality decrease
[C] Natality increases
[D] Motality increases

Question No:45
Incorrect character of brown algae is:

[A] Chl a and b present
[B] They remain attached
[C] Chl a and c present
[D] Presence of fucoxanthin