NEET Foundation Material for Class-VIII ,NEETChemistry,Zoology,Physics

NEET Physics units and measurements Test-3

NEET Physics units and measurements Test-3

1. Quantity having units but no dimensions is


2. Intensity of Magnetization has the same dimensions as


3. Dimensionless quantity is


4. The pair of quantities having neither units nor dimensions is


5. Dielectric constant has the same dimensions as


6. If G is the universal gravitational constant, M is the mass, R is the radius and h is the altitude, then
$latex sqrt { frac { GM }{ (R+h) } } $ has the dimensions of


7. (x2/mass) has the dimensions of kinetic energy.
Then x has the dimensions of


8. The quantity having negative dimensions in mass is


9. The quantity having dimensions only in Temperature is


10. The dimensional formula of Areal velocity is


11. The dimensions of electric current in electric conductivity are


12. Choose the false statement


13. The pair of quantities having same units and dimensions is


14. h d G has the dimensions of (h = height, d = density, G = gravitational constant)


15. ( he/4π m )has the same dimensions as (h= Planck’s constant, e = charge, m = mass,)


16. (M/Vr) has the dimensions of (M = Magnetic moment, V = Velocity, r = radius)


17. If R is the Rydberg constant, C is the velocity and h is the Planck’s constant, then RCh has the dimensions of


18. If x times momentum is work, then the dimensions of x are


19. Choose the correct statement :


20. The product of Energy and Moment of Inertia has the dimensions same as


21. The dimensional formula of magnetic induction is


22. The physical quantity which has dimensional formula as that of Energy/ mass x length is


23. The SI unit of Moment of Inertia is


24. Dimensional formula of capacitance is


25. The modulus of elasticity is dimensionally equivalent to