NEET Foundation Material for Class-VIII ,NEET Botany,Zoology,Physics

NEET Physics units and measurements Test-1

NEET Physics units and measurements Test-1

1. Kilo watt hour is the unit of


2. 1 Horse power is equal to


3. Pascal is the S.I. unit of


4. In the following which is not the unit of time


5. Candela is the SI unit of


6. kg m s -1 is the unit of


7. Unit used to measure nuclear diameters is


8. Parsec is the unit to measure


9. 1 kWH is equal to


10. If n Ns = 1g cm/s then the value of n is


11. The dimensional formula of a pseudo force is


12. Physical quantity having the unit J kg -1 is


13. 1 fermi is equal to


14. If P is X-ray unit and Q is micron, thenP/Q=


15. Unit of magnetic induction field B is


16. S.I. unit of Electric intensity is


17. Which of the following is expressed correctly


18. Which of the following is not expressed correctly with respect to units ?


19. SI unit of Stefan’s constant is


20. SI unit of Thermal resistance is


21. If the units of length, mass and time are doubled, the unit of force will be


22. If U1 and U2 are the units of a physical quantity and n1 and n2 are its numerical values, then


23. A and B are the numerical values of a physical quantity and C and D are its units in two systems of measurement. If C > D, then


24. Derived unit is


25. The set of quantities which cannot form a group of fundamental quantities in any system of measurement is