Periodic Classification Quiz No:13 -

Periodic Classification Quiz No:13

Question No:1

The correct order of electron affinity of the elements of oxygen family in the periodic table is

[A] O>S>Se

[B] S>O>Se

[C] S > Se > O

[D] Se > O > S

Question No:2

The incorrect order of second ionization energies in the following is

[A] Rb>K

[B] Na>Mg

[C] Cr>Mn

[D] S > P

Question No:3

Energy is released in the process of

[A] Na(g) — > Na+(g) + e

[B] O(g) + e — > O-2(g)

[C] N-2(g) + e — > N-3(g)

[D] O(g) + e — >O(g)

Question No:4

Which of the following is the correct order of electron affinity

[A] I>Br>F>Cl

[B] FCl>Br>I

[D] I

Question No:5

Pair of elements with equal values of electronegativiy

[A] Be, Al

[B] Mg,Al

[C] Mg, Ca

[D] F, Ne

Question No:6

The Electronegativity of the following elements increase in the order

[A] C,N,Si,P –

[B] N,Si, C, P

[C] Si, P, C, N

[D] P, Si, N, C

Question No:7

Two elements A and B have the following electronic configurations. The formula of the compound formed between them can be A = 1s2 ,2s2, 2p6 ,3s2 ,3p1 B = 1s2, 2s2 , 2p4

[A] AB

[B] AB2

[C] A2B3

[D] A3B2

Question No:8

The formula of a .metallic carbonate is MCO3. The formula of that metallic perchlorate is

[A] MClO4

[B] M2ClO4

[C] M3ClO4

[D] M(ClO4)2

Question No:9

A metal forms a chloride with the formula MCL2. Formula of Phosphoric acid is H3PO4. Formula of the Phosphate of the metal is

[A] M3PO4

[B] MPO4

[C] M3(PO4)2

[D] M2PO4

Question No:10

An oxide of an element is a gas and dissolves in water to give an acidic solution. The element belongs to

[A] II group

[B] IV group

[C] VIII group

[D] Zero group

Question No:11

Acidic nature of the similar oxides of a group from top to bottom

[A] Increases

[B] Decreases

[C] Remains constant

[D] First increases and then decreases

Question No:12

Which of the following properties increases across a period

[A] Reducing property

[B] Size of atom

[C] Acidic nature of oxides

[D] Metallic property

Question No:13

Among the following elements most acidic oxide is given by

[A] Al

[B] P

[C] N

[D] Sb

Question No:14

The strongest reducing agent is

[A] K

[B] Al

[C] Mg

[D] Br

Question No:15

The more basic oxide is

[A] CaO

[B] MgO

[C] K2O

[D] Na2O

Question No:16

An element with 1s2 ,2s2 ,2p6 ,3s2 electronic arrangement will be forming

[A] Acidic oxide

[B] Basic oxide

[C] Neutral oxide

[D] Amphoteric oxide

Question No:17

Diagonal relationship is present between the lighter elements of periods

[A] Second, third

[B] Second, fourth

[C] Third, fourth

[D] Third, fifth

Question No:18

The diagonal relationship phenomenon is not observed after

[A] 1 A Group

[B] IIA Group

[C] III A Group

[D] IV A Group

Question No:19

The polarising power of which of the following pair is similar

[A] Li,Mg

[B] Li+,Mg2+

[C] Li2+, Mg2+

[D] Li+,Mg+

Question No:20

Which of the following oxide is Amphoteric?

[A] CrO

[B] Cr2ZO3Z

[C] CrO3Z

[D] CrO5Z