Periodic Classification Quiz No:11 -

Periodic Classification Quiz No:11

Question No:1

The period that includes all blocks of elements is

[A] 1

[B] 2

[C] 6

[D] 7

Question No:2

Among s-block metals and transition metals, which are more metallic?

[A] s-block metals

[B] Transition metals

[C] Both are equally metallic

[D] Cannot be predicted

Question No:3

Element with atomic number 52 belongs to

[A] s-block

[B] p-block

[C] d-block

[D] f-block

Question No:4

The general electronic configuration of f-block elements is

[A] ns2,np6 , (n-d (0-, (n-2)f(1-14 )

[B] ns2, (n-1)d(0-1), (n-f(1-14 )

[C] ns2, nd(0-1), nf1-14 )

[D] ns2, (n-1)d(0-1), (n-1)f(1-14 )

Question No:5

The common oxidation state exhibited by inner transition elements usually in their compounds is

[A] 2

[B] 3

[C] 5

[D] Zero

Question No:6

The pair of atomic numbers which represent the p-block elements

[A] 6,12

[B] 7,53

[C] 19,35

[D] 38,51

Question No:7

Which of the following is an element present in the d-block, but not a transition element

[A] Cd

[B] Cu

[C] Ca

[D] Cr

Question No:8

Which of the following is an alloy of non- transition elements

[A] Elektron

[B] Brass

[C] Bronze

[D] German silver

Question No:9

Common oxidation state of elemental transition metal is

[A] 1

[B] 0

[C] 3

[D] 2

Question No:10

Configuration that does not denote a transition element

[A] 3d1, 4s2

[B] 3d10, 4s1

[C] 3d10 ,4s2 ,4p2

[D] 3d8 ,4s2

Question No:11

An element of 5f-series but has no electrons filled in 5f-sub shell

[A] Ac

[B] Ce

[C] Th

[D] U

Question No:12

An element has 18 electrons in the outer most shell. The element is

[A] 1 ) Transition metal

[B] Rare earth metal

[C] Alkaline earth metal

[D] Alkali metal

Question No:13

Element with electronic arrangement [Ar]3d2,4s2 belongs to

[A] s-block

[B] p-block

[C] d – block

[D] f-block

Question No:14

Number of outer shells partially filled for representative elements

[A] Zero

[B] One

[C] Two

[D] Three

Question No:15

The atomic number of the element which is not included in the main body of the period table

[A] 43

[B] 57

[C] 68

[D] 80

Question No:16

Zinc is not considered as a transition metal because

[A] It is diamagnetic

[B] It is not known to from alloys

[C] It has no unpaired electrons

[D] It has white shade

Question No:17

The electronic configuration of an element ‘X’, is 1 s2 ,2s2 ,2p6, 3s2, 3p3. What is the atomic number of the element which is just below ‘X’ in the periodic table

[A] 33

[B] 34

[C] 31

[D] 49

Question No:18

Atomic radii of fluorine and neon in angstrom units are respectively

[A] 0.72, 1.62

[B] 0.72, 0.72

[C] 1.2, 1.2

[D] 1.62, 0.72

Question No:19

Which of the following will have largest size?

[A] Br

[B] I

[C] I

[D] F

Question No:20

The size of the following species increases in the order

[A] Mg2+< Na+< F< Al3+

[B] Al3+ < Mg2+ < Na+ < F

[C] Na+ < F < Al3+ < Mg2+

[D] Na+ < Al3+ < Mg2+ < F