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Metallurgy Mock Test-11

Question No:1

The correct set of carbonate ores is :
(a) Magnesite
(b) Siderite
(c) Zincite
(d) Argentite
The answer is :-

[A] a, b
[B] a, d
[C] c, d
[D] b, c

Question No:2

Which one is mismatched :-

[A] Poling – refining of copper
[B] Cupellation – refining of silver
[C] Smelting – An oxidation process
[D] Roasting — An oxidation process

Question No:3

Polling process is used for :-

[A] Hg
[B] Fe
[C] Cu
[D] All

Question No:4

Which of the following reaction is a part of Hall’s process :-

[A] Al2O3 + 2NaOH -> 2NaAlO2+ H2O
[B] Fe2O3 + 2Al -> 2Fe + Al2O3
[C] AIN + 3H2O -> AL(OH)3 + NH3
[D] Al2O3.2H2O+2Na2CO3-> 2NaAIO 2+CO2+2H2O

Question No:5

Purpose of coke in the blast furnace is :—

[A] Fuel
[B] Alloying element
[C] Reducing agent
[D] (1) & (3) both

Question No:6

Which of the following ores are calcinated during extraction :-
(a) Argentite
(b) Bauxite
(c) Malachite
(d) Copper pyrites
Correct answer is :—

[A] (l)a and c
[B] b and c
[C] a and d
[D] b and d

Question No:7

An ore of tin containing FeCrO 4 is concentrated by:-

[A] Magnetic separation
[B] Froth floatation.
[C] Electrostatic
[D] Gravity separation.

Question No:8

Among the following pairs of oxides, which pair cannot be reduced by carbon :-

[A] SnO 2,MnO 2
[B] Fe2O3,PbO
[C] ZnO,K2O
[D] CaO,Cr2O3

Question No:9

Which match is wrong :-

[A] White vitriol -ZnSO 4
[B] Philosopher’s wool – ZnO
[C] Galena-PbS
[D] Calomel-HgO

Question No:10

The method of zone refining of metals is based on the principle of

[A] Greater noble character of the solid metal than that of the impurity
[B] Greater solubility of the impurity in the molten state than in the solid
[C] Greater mobility of the pure metal than that ofimpurity
[D] Higher melting point of the impurity than that of the pure metal

Question No:11

A solid compount X on heating gives CO2 gas and a residue mixed with water forms Y. On passing an excess of CO 2 through Y inwater, a clear solution Z is obtained. On boiling Z, compound X is reformed. The compound X is

[A] CaHCO32
[B] CaCO3
[C] Na 2 CO3
[D] K2CO3

Question No:12

Which of the following statements, about the advantage of roasting of sulphide ore before reduction is not true?

[A] Carbon and hydrogen are suitable reducing agents for metal sulphides
[B] The Δf G° of the sulphide is greater than those for CS 2 and H 2 S
[C] TheΔ f G° is negative for roasting of sulphide ore to oxide
[D] Roasting of the sulphide to the oxide is thermodynamically feasible

Question No:13

Sulphide ores of metals are usually concentrated b y froth floatation process. Which one of the following sulphide ores offers an exception and is concentrated by chemical leaching

[A] B Galena
[B] D Sphalerite
[C] A Argentite
[D] C Copper pyrite

Question No:14

Which of the following pairs of metals is purified by van Arkel method ?

[A] Zr and Ti
[B] Ag and Au
[C] Ag and Au
[D] Ni and Fe

Question No:15

Which of the following elements is present as the impurity to the maximum extent in the pig iron?

[A] Carbon
[B] Silion
[C] Phosphorus
[D] Manganese

Question No:16

In the extraction of copper from its sulphide ore, the metal is finally obtained by the reduction of cuprus oxide with

[A] copper sulphide Cu2S
[B] Sulphur dioxide
[C] Iron sulphideFeS
[D] Carbon Monoxide CO

Question No:17

Which one of the following is a mineral of iron?

[A] Malachite
[B] Cassiterite
[C] Pyrolusite
[D] Magnetite