NCERT Class11 Chemistry Equilibrium MCQ,PDFs,Test,solutions,question

Equilibrium Mock Test-1

Question No:1
When Ice and water kept in a beaker at 273 K and at the atmospheric pressure, then both processes occurs simultaneously
Ice → Water
Water → Ice
Which of the following is Incorrect?

(a) These are in dynamic equilibrium.
(b) Both the processes occur at the same rate.
(c) The amount of ice and water remains constant.
(d) None of these.

Question No:2
CaCO3 ⇌ CaO + CO2 reaction in a lime kiln goes to completion because

(a) CaO does not react to CO2 to give CaCO3
(b) Backward reaction is very slow
(c) CO2 formed escapes out
(d) None of these

Question No:3
Which of the following is not associated with equilibrium conditions?

(a) The vapour pressure of liquid
(b) The formation of an alloy by two metals
(c) The solubility of a solute
(d) The distribution of coefficient of a solute between two immiscible solvents

Question No:4
In liquid gas equilibrium, the pressure of vapour above the liquid is constant at

(a) low temperature
(b) high temperature
(c) constant temperature
(d) none of these.

Question No:5
Boiling point of a liquid can be Increased by

(a) Increasing atmospheric pressure
(b) Decreasing atmospheric pressure
(c) Going at high altitude
(d) Boiling point is fixed for a substance ,it cannot be increased.

Question No:6
Which of the following is a characteristic of a reversible reaction?

(a) It never proceeds to completion.
(b) It proceeds only in the forward direction.
(c) The rate of only forward reaction is increased when catalyst is added.
(d) Number of moles of reactants and products is the same.

Question No:7
Which of the following is a general characteristic of equilibrium involving physical processes?
(I) Equilibrium is possible only in a closed system at a given temperature.
(Il) All the physical processes stop at equilibrium.
(Ill) All measurable properties of the system remain constant
Which of the given statements are correct?

(a) I & II only
(b) I & III only
(c) ll & lll only
(d) All of the above

Question No:8
For the given reaction, equilibrium can be readied A+B→C+D

(a) When only A and B are initially present
(b) When only C and D are initially present
(c) Any of these
(d) None of these

Question No:9
Match Column I with Column II.
Column I—- Column II
P. Solid ⇌ Liquid (I) Boiling point
Q. Liquid ⇌Vapour (II) Saturated solution
R. Solid⇌ Vapour (III) Melting point
S. Solute(s) ⇌ Solute (solution) (IV) Sublimation point


Question No:10
For the reaction N2 + 3H2⇌ 2NH3 in a vessel, after the addition of equal number of moles of N2 and H2 equilibrium state is termed. Which of the following is correct?

(a) [H2] = [N2]
(b) [H2] < [N2]
(c) [H2] > [N2]
(d) [N2] = [H2J = [NH3]

Question No:11
3.00 mol of pure SO3 is kept in an 8 L flask at 1000 K. At equilibrium 0.58 mol of O2 has been formed. Then the value of equilibrium constant is 2SO3⇌ 2SO2 + O2

(a) 0.144
(b) 0.230
(c) 2.88 x10-2
(d) 0.14 x10-2

Question No:12
For the reaction H2 + I2⇌2HI,the equilibrium concentrations of H2,I2 and HI are 5.0,2.5and 25 mol/L respectively. The equilibrium constant is
(a) 10
(b) 4
(c) 50
(d) 0.04

Question No:13
A vessel of one Iitre capacity containing 1 mole of SO3 is heated till a state of equilibrium is attained:
2SO3(g)⇌2SO2 (g) + O2 (g)
At equilibrium. 0.4 moles of SO2has formed. The value of equilibrium constant is

(a) 0.04
(b) 0.06
(d) 0.12

Question No:14
A higher value of equilibrium constant K shows that
(a) the reaction takes time to start
(b) the reaction has gone near to completion towards left
(c) the reaction has gone near to completion towards right
(d) none of these.

Question No:15
The dissociation constants for acetic acid and HCN at 30℃ are 1.85×10-5 and 4.95×10 -10respectively.
The equilibrium constant for the equilibrium
would be

(a) 267 x10-5
(b) 3.7 x 104
(d) 2.67 x105

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