NEET chemistry coordinate compounds questions,solutions,answers,mcq

Coordinate Compound Mock Exam-11

Question No:1

Na2S2O3.5H2O is used in photography to :-

[A] Reduce AgBr to metallic Ag
[B] Remove reduced Ag
[C] Remove undecomposed AgBr as a soluble complex
[D] Converts metallic Ag to silver salt

Question No:2

Photo graphic films or plates have……………as an essential ingredient :-

[A] Silver oxide
[B] Silver bromide
[C] Silver thio sulphate
[D] Silver nitrate

Question No:3

Hypo is the aqueous solution of :-

[A] Sodium sulphate
[B] Sodium argentite
[C] Sodium thio sulphate
[D] Silver bromide

Question No:4

Silver halides are used in photography because it is :-

[A] Photo sensitive
[B] Soluble in hypo solution
[C] Soluble in NH4OH
[D] Insoluble in acids

Question No:5

Pick up the incorrect statement :-

[A] Cisplatin is a complex of platinum
[B] Vitamin B12 is a complex of cobalt
[C] Chlorophyll is a complex of Manganese
[D] Haemoglobin is a complex of iron

Question No:6

Which of the following is related to Nessler’s reagent?

[A] PtCl4+ KCl
[B] AgCl +NH3
[C] AgBr + Na2S2O3
[D] HgI2 + KI

Question No:7

Baeyer’s reagent is :-

[A] KMnO4+ H2SO4
[B] KMnO4+ KOH
[C] KMnO4+ H2O
[D] K2Cr2O7 + KOH

Question No:8

K4 [Fe(CN)6] reacts with FeCl3to form :-

[A] K3Fe(CN)6
[B] K4[Fe(CN)3Cl3]
[C] K3[Fe(CN)5Cl]
[D] KFe[Fe(CN)6]

Question No:9

A blue colouration is not obtained when :-

[A] NH4OH is added to CuSO4
[B] CuSO4solution reacts with K4[Fe(CN)6]
[C] FeCl3reacts with K4[Fe(CN)6]
[D] Anhydrous white CuSO4is dissolved in water

Question No:10

Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :-
List I —————– List II
A. Muscle contraction i. Zinc
B. Blue-green algae ii. Cobalt
C. Carboxypeptidase iii. Calcium
D. Cyanocobalamine iv. Molybdenum
Code :

[A] iv iii i ii
[B] iii iv ii i
[C] iv iii ii i
[D] iii iv i ii

Question No:11

A reagent used for identifying nickel ion is :-

[A] Potassium ferrocyanide
[B] Phenolphthalein
[C] Dimethyl glyoxime

Question No:12

Which of the following organometallic compound is used as fungicide in plant protection :-

[A] C2H5HgCl
[B] (C2H5)2Zn
[C] (C2H5)4Pb
[D] (C2H5)2Cd

Question No:13

A person suffering from lead poisoning should be fed with :-

[A] Hypo
[B] Cis-platin
[C] [Ca(EDTA)] 2–

Question No:14

Extraction of metals of other processes is through the complex formation :-
I : cyanide process
II : Mond’s process
: Photographic fixing process Complexes formed in these methods are
I — II — III

[A] [Ag(NH3)2]Cl—Ni(CO)4— [Ag(CN) 2]
[B] [Cd(CN) 4]2– —-Ni(CO) 4— [Ag(S2 O3 ) 2]3–
[C] [Ag(CN2) —– NI(CO) 4 —– [Ag(S2O3 ) 2] 3-
[D] [Ag(CN) 2]- —- [Ag(S2 O3 ) 2]3- —- Ni(CO) 4

Question No:15

Cu2+ and Cd2+ are distinguished through formation of complex [Cu(CN)4]2– and [Cd(CN)4]2– when H2S gas is passed :

[A] There is yellow precipitate due to CdS
[B] There is precipitation of CuS and CdS together
[C] There is black precipitate due to CuS
[D] There is blue precipitate due to CuS