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Metallurgy Mock Test-10

Question No:1

Which of the following process involves smelting

[A] 2 PbS + 3O2 -> 2PbO + 2SO2
[B] Al2O3. 2H2O ->Al2O3 + 2H2O
[C] Fe2O3 + CO -> 2Fe + 2CO2
[D] Cr2O3 + 2Al -> Al2O3 + 2Cr + Heat

Question No:2

Out of the following, which ores are-calcinated during extraction :-
(a) Copper pyrites
(b) Malachite
(c) Bauxite
Correct answer is :-

[A] a, b, c
[B] b, c
[C] Only a
[D] All

Question No:3

Which of the following match are incorrect :-
(a) Goldschmidt aluminothermite process – Cr2O3
(b) Mac Arther cyanide process – Fe
(c) Mond process – Ni
(d) Van Arkel process – Au

[A] a, c
[B] c, d
[C] b, d
[D] a, b

Question No:4

Electro metallurgical process (electrolysis of fused salt) is employed to extract :-

[A] Lead
[B] Silver
[C] Sodium
[D] Copper

Question No:5

Which one of the following reactions is an example for calcination process :-

[A] 2Ag + 2HCl + (O) -> 2AgCl + H2O
[B] 2Zn + O 2 -> 2ZnO
[C] 2ZnS + 3O 2-> 2ZnO + 2SO2
[D] MgCO3 ->MgO + CO2

Question No:6

The function of flux during the smellting of ore is:-

[A] To make the ore porous
[B] To remove gangue
[C] To facilitate reduction
[D] To facilitate oxidation

Question No:7

Electrolytic reduction process is used for the extraction of :-

[A] Alkali metals
[B] Alkaline earth metals
[C] Aluminium
[D] All the above

Question No:8

“Hydro metallurgy” method is used for the extraction of the following metals :-

[A] Zn&Ag
[B] Ag&Cu
[C] Zn&Hg
[D] Hg&Cu

Question No:9

Which method of purification is represented by the following equations
Ti + 2I2 \(xrightarrow{523K}/)TiI4 \(xrightarrow{1700K}/)Ti + 2I2

[A] Cupellation
[B] Poling
[C] Van Arkel
[D] Zone refining

Question No:10

The incorrect statement is:-

[A] Calamine and siderite are carbonates
[B] Argentite and cuprite are oxides
[C] Zinc blende and iron pyrites are sulphides
[D] Malachite and azurite are ores of copper

Question No:11

In the extraction of copper from pyrites, iron is removed as:

[A] FeSO4
[B] FeSiO3
[C] Fe3O4
[D] Fe2O3

Question No:12

Which order of abundance of metals in the earth crust is correct:-

[A] Al>Fe>Ca
[B] Fe>Ca>Al
[C] Ca>Al>Fe
[D] Ca>Fe>Al

Question No:13

Which one of the following metals can not be extracted by using Al as a reducing agent :-

[A] Na from Na2O
[B] Cr from Cr2O3
[C] Mn from Mn O2
[D] V from V2O5

Question No:14

In the electrolytic refining for aluminium extraction the electrolyte used is:-

[A] Fluorides ofAl,Na and Ba
[B] Al(OH)3 in NaOH solution
[C] An aqueous solution of Al2(SO4)3
[D] Molten Al2O3

Question No:15

Annealing process is:-

[A] Cooling of red hot steel with water
[B] Cooling of red hot steel slowly
[C] Heating the rods of iron in ammonia
[D] Cooling of iron rod in charcoal