NCERT COORDINATION Compound mock tests neet preparation papers

Coordination Compound Mock Exam-3

Question No:1

Chemical Name of “Turn bull’s blue” is :-

[A] Ferrous ferricyanide
[B] Potassium ferrocyanide
[C] Potassium cyanide
[D] Potassium ferricyanide

Question No:2

Which of the following complex is anion :-

[A] Fluoro pentaammine cobalt(III)
[B] Trioxalato ferrate(III)
[C] Penta Carbonyl iron(0)
[D] Dichloro diammine platinum

Question No:3

The formula of dichloro b is(Urea) copper(II) is :-

[A] [Cu{O=C(NH2)2}2]Cl2
[B] [CuCl2{O=C(NH2)2}]
[C] [Cu{O=C(NH2)2}Cl]Cl
[D] [CuCl2{O=C(NH2)2}2]

Question No:4

The chloro-bis(ethylenediamine ) nitro cobalt(III) ion is :-

[A] [Co(NO2)2(en)2Cl ]+
[B] [CoCl(NO)2(en)2]+
[C] [Co(NO2)Cl(en)2]+
[D] [Co(en)Cl2(NO)

Question No:5

Which of the following statement is incorrect about [Fe(H2O)5NO]SO4:-

[A] It gives brown ring test for nitrates
[B] Oxidation state of Fe is +1
[C] It exhibits geometrical isomerism
[D] Charge on NO is +1

Question No:6

Which of the following complexes is not a chelate

[A] bis (dimethylglyoximato) nickel(II)
[B] Potassium ethylenediamine tetrathiocyanato chromate(III)
[C] Tetrammine dichlorocobalt(III) nitrate
[D] Trans–diglycinatoplatinum(II)

Question No:7

The correct IUPAC name of the complex Fe(C5H5)2is

[A] Cyclopentadienyl iron(II)
[B] Bis(cyclopentadienyl) iron(II)
[C] Dicyclopentadienyl ferrate(II)
[D] Ferrocene

Question No:8

The correct name of [Pt(NH3)4Cl2] [PtCl4] is :-

[A] Tetraammine dichloro platinum(IV) tetrachloro platinate(II)
[B] Dichloro tetra ammine platinium(IV) tetrachloro platinate(II)
[C] Tetrachloro platinum(II) tetraammine platinate(IV)
[D] Tetrachloro platinum(II) dichloro tetraamine platinate(IV)

Question No:9

The IUPAC name of K2[Cr(CN) 2O2(O) 2 (NH3)] is:-

[A] Potassiumamminedicyano dioxoperoxochromate(VI)
[B] Potassiumamminecyanoperoxodioxo chromium(VI)
[C] Potassiumamminecyanoperoxodioxo chromium(VI)
[D] Potassiumamminecyanoperoxodioxo chromate(IV)

Question No:10

The IUPAC name for [Co(NH3)6] [Cr(CN)6] is :-

[A] Hexaammine cobalt(III) hexacyanochromate(III)
[B] Hexacyanochromium cobalt hexaammine(VI)
[C] Hexaammine cobalt(III) hexacyanochromium(VI)
[D] Hexacyanochromium(III) hexaammine cobalt(III)

Question No:11

The IUPAC name for [Co(NCS)(NH3)5]Cl2is :-

[A] Pentaammine(thiocyanato-N) cobalt(III) chloride
[B] Pentaammine(thiocyanato-S) cobalt(III) chloride
[C] Pentaammine(isothiocyanato-N,S)cobalt(III) chloride
[D] Pentaammine(mercapto-N) cobalt(III) chloride

Question No:12

IUPAC name of K2[OsCl5N] will be

[A] Potassium pentachloroazido osmate(VIII)
[B] Potassium pentachloroazido osmate(VI)
[C] Potassium pentachloro nitrido osmate(VI)
[D] Potassium nitro osmate(III)

Question No:13

The IUPAC name for [(NH3)5Cr–OH–Cr(NH3)5]5+ is:-

[A] µ -hydroxo-bis(pentaammine dichromium)(V+) ion
[B] µ -hydroxo-bis(decaammine dichromium(V+) ion
[C] µ -hydroxo-bis(octaammine chromium)(V+) ion
[D] µ -hydroxo-bis(pentammine chromium)(III) ion

Question No:14

The correct name of the compound [Cu(NH3)4](NO3) 2, according to IUPAC system is:-

[A] Cuprammonium nitrate
[B] Tetraamine copper(II) dinitrate
[C] Tetraammine copper(II) nitrate
[D] Tetraammine copper(I) dinitrate

Question No:15

FeCl3.4H2O is actually :

[A] [Fe(H2O)4]Cl3
[B] [Fe(H2O)3Cl]Cl2.H2O
[C] [Fe(H2O)4Cl2]Cl
[D] [Fe(H2O)3Cl2]Cl. H2O