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Metallurgy Mock Test-6

Question No:1

In roasting the ores are generally converted into

[A] Metal oxides
[B] Iron pyrites
[C] Copper glance
[D] None of these

Question No:2

Smelting is usually carried out in

[A] Blast furnace
[B] Open hearth furnace
[C] Muffle furnace
[D] Electric furnace.

Question No:3

Which of the following processes involves smelting?

[A] Zn2O3\( \xrightarrow{Heat} \)ZnO+CO2b)
[B] Fe2O2+3C\( \xrightarrow{Heat} \)2Fe + 3CO
[C] 2PbS + 3O2+3C \( \xrightarrow{Heat} \)2PbO + 2SO2
[D] Al2O32H2O\( \xrightarrow{Heat} \)>Al2O3+2H2O.

Question No:4

In the extraction of iron from haematite, the charge used is haematite, coke and lime stone in the following weight ratio

[A] 1:01:01
[B] 8:4:1
[C] 8:1:4
[D] 1:4:8

Question No:5

In the blast furnace the reaction that occurs in the zone of heat absorption is

[A] CO2+C->2CO
[B] Fe2O3 + 3CO —– -> 2Fe + 3CO2
[C] C+O2->CO2
[D] FeO + SiO2 ———> FeSiO3

Question No:6

Pudding process is used in the manufacture of

[A] Wrought iron
[B] pig iron
[C] Steel
[D] Cast iron

Question No:7

Cast iron contains phosphorus as impurity. In Bessemerisation of this cast iron, the slag formed is

[A] FePO4
[B] Ca3(PO4)2
[C] MnPO4
[D] Zn3(PO4)2

Question No:8

The calcium phosphate slag is commercially known as

[A] Thomas slag
[B] Baeyer’s slag
[C] Wohler ‘s slag
[D] Matte

Question No:9

Which of the following is not a correct statement?

[A] White cast iron contains carbon in the form of Fe3C graphite.
[B] Grey cast iron contain carbon in the form of graphite.
[C] The quality of steel produced in bessemer converter is very high
[D] The quality of steel produced in open hearth process can be checked from time to time

Question No:10

Which of the following statement is wrong

[A] The fibrous nature of wrought iron is due to the slag present in it.
[B] The loss of iron is bessemer process is due to the formation of FeSiO3 slag.
[C] In Bessemer process carbon monoxide formed burns with blue flame at the mouth of the furnace
[D] In blast furnace Fe2O3 is reduced to iron mainly by coke.

Question No:11

In the extraction of copper the smelt formed in the blast furnace contains

[A] Cu2S +little FeS
[B] Cu2S +little FeO
[C] Cu2O +little FeS
[D] Cu2O +little FeO

Question No:12

The Cu2O impurity present in blister copper is removed by

[A] liquation
[B] distillation
[C] poling
[D] zone refining

Question No:13

In bessemer converter Cu2S is converted to blister copper by

[A] self reduction
[B] reduction with coke
[C] reduction with coal gas
[D] reduction with H2 gas

Question No:14

The cathode used in the electrolytic cell during aluminium extraction is made of

[A] Aluminium
[B] Carbon lining
[C] Iron
[D] Steel

Question No:15

Method used to refine Aluminium metal is

[A] Baeyer ‘s method
[B] Hall’s method
[C] Serpeck’s method
[D] Hoope’s method