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Metallurgy Mock Test-9

Question No:1

In thermite process, thermite mixture is:-

[A] Al powder + sulphide
[B] Zn + oxide powder
[C] Na + Oxide
[D] Al powder + oxide

Question No:2

The process of converting hydrated Alumina into anhydrous Alumina is called:-

[A] Roasting
[B] Calcination
[C] Smelting
[D] Dressing

Question No:3

In the manufacture of iron from haemetite, lime stone is added to act as :-

[A] Flux
[B] Slag
[C] A reducing agent
[D] An oxidising agent

Question No:4

Of the following metals the one which can not be obtained by electrolysis of aqueous solution of its salt:-

[A] Ag
[B] Mg
[C] Cu
[D] Zn

Question No:5

The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called:-

[A] Smelting
[B] Roasting
[C] Calcination
[D] Froth –flotation

Question No:6

In the extraction of copper, metal is formed in the Bessemer converter due to reaction:-

[A] Cu2S + 2Cu2O -> 6Cu + SO 2
[B] Cu2S -> 2Cu+S
[C] Fe + Cu2O -> 2Cu + FeO
[D] 2Cu2O ->4Cu + O2

Question No:7

In the electrolytic refining of copper, Ag and Au are found:-

[A] On cathode
[B] On anode
[C] In the anodic mud
[D] In the cathodic mud

Question No:8

Blister copper is:-

[A] Pure copper
[B] Ore of copper
[C] Alloy of copper
[D] Copper having 2% impurity

Question No:9

Consider :—
(a) Copper blende = Cu2O
(b) Chromite = Magnetic separation.
(c) Bauxite =Al2O2.2H2O
(d) Liquation = Liquid metals e.g. Hg
Which is/are not correctly matched :—

[A] ( only
[B] ( only
[C] (d) only
[D] (a) & ( both

Question No:10

Silver can be separated from lead by :-

[A] Distillation
[B] Amalgamation
[C] Filtration
[D] Cupellation

Question No:11

In blast furnace this is acting as reducing agent at lower part:-

[A] CO
[B] H2
[C] C
[D] None

Question No:12

Which of the following metals can not be extracted by carbon reduction process :-

[A] Pb
[B] Al
[C] Sn
[D] Zn

Question No:13

The maximum temperature obtained in the….region of the blast furnace used in extraction of iron:-

[A] Reduction
[B] Combustion
[C] Fusion
[D] Slag formation

Question No:14

The correct order of abundance of elements on earth crust is :-

[A] Al>Fe>Si>O
[B] Si > O > Fe > Al
[C] O > Si > Al > Fe
[D] Fe > O > Al > Si

Question No:15

The concentration of chromite (FeO. Cr2O3) is done by :-

[A] Leaching process
[B] Magnetic separation
[C] Froth floatation
[D] Calcination