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Coordination Compound Mock Exam-2

Question No:1

The oxidation and coordination number of Pt in [Pt(C2H4)Cl3]is respectively :-

[A] +1,3
[B] +2,4
[C] +3,6
[D] +2,5

Question No:2

If thio–cyanide ion is added to potash–ferric alum then red colour appears. This colour is due to the formation of :-

[B] Fe(SCN)3
[C] Fe(SCN)2
[D] Fe(SCN)

Question No:3

The CN and ON of X in the compound [X(SO4)(NH3)5] will be :-

[A] 10 and 3
[B] 1 and 6
[C] 6 and 4
[D] 6 and 2

Question No:4

To form a coordination bond, one needs a ligand. Which of the following species cannot be a ligand
(i) NH4+
(ii) NO+
(iii) C5H5N

[A] i only
[B] i & ii only
[C] i & iii only
[D] i, ii & iii only

Question No:5

The stability constants of the complexes formed by a metal ion M2+with NH3, CN, H2O are of the order of 1015, 1027, 1011respectively. Then :-

[A] NH3is the strongest ligand
[B] CNis the strongest ligand
[C] These values cannot predict the strength of the ligand
[D] All the ligands are equally strong

Question No:6

From the stability constant K(Hypothetical values) given below, predict which is strongest ligand:-

[A] Cu+2+ 2C2O4–2&8644; [Cu(C2O4)2]-2—- K = 4.5 × 1011
[B] Cu + 4CN&8644;[Cu(CN)4]–2 —–K = 2.0 × 1027
[C] Cu2++ 2en &8644; [Cu(en)2]2+—–K = 3.0 × 1015
[D] Cu2+ + 4F&8644; [Cu F4]–2 —–K = 9.5× 106

Question No:7

The formula of the complex tris(ethylene diamine) cobalt(III) sulphate is

[A] [Co(en)2SO4]
[B] [Co(en)3SO4]
[C] [Co(en)3]SO4
[D] Co(en)3]2(SO4)3

Question No:8

The IUPAC name of Fe(CO)5is

[A] Pentacarbonyl ferrate(0)
[B] Pentacarbonyl Ferrate(III)
[C] Pentacarbonyl Iron(0)
[D] Pentacarbonyl Iron(II)

Question No:9

The complex Hg[Co(CNS)4] is correctly named as :

[A] Mercury tetrathiocyanato cobaltate(II)
[B] Mercury cobalt tetrasulphocyano(II)
[C] Mercury tetrasulphocyanide cobaltate(II)
[D] Mercury sulphocyanato cobalt(II)

Question No:10

The compound Na2[Fe(CN)5NO+] is called –

[A] Sodium pentacyanonitrosonium ferrate(II)
[B] Sodium nitroprusside
[C] Sodium nitrosoferrocyanide
[D] 1 & 2 both

Question No:11

Which of the following is cationic complex

[A] Tetracarbonyl nickel(0)
[B] Hexachloroplatinante(III) ion
[C] Hexaaquairon(III) ion
[D] Tetraiodomercurate(II) ion

Question No:12

K3[Fe(CN)6] is :-
(a) Potassium hexacyno ferrate(II)
(b) Potassium hexacyno ferrate(III)
(c) Potassium ferri-cyanide
(d) Hexa cyno ferrate(III) potassium
Correct answer is :-

[A] Only and(b)
[B] Only and(c)
[C] Only(a) and
[D] Only(b) and

Question No:13

The IUPAC name of the complex [CrCl2(H2O)4]NO3is :-

[A] Dichlorotetraaquachromium(III) nitrate
[B] Tetraaquadichlorochromium(III) nitrate
[C] Chromium tetra aqua dichloro nitrate
[D] Dichlorotetraaquachromium nitrate

Question No:14

Name of Na3[AlF6] is :-
(a) Cryolite
(b) Tri sodium hexa fluoroaluminium
(c) Sodium hexafluoro aluminium(III)
(d) Sodium hexafluoroaluminate(III)
The correct answer is :-

[A] Only a
[B] a and d both
[C] Only d
[D] a and c both

Question No:15

Give the IUPAC name of the complex compound [Co(NH3)4(H2O)Br](NO3)2.

[A] Bromoaquotetraamine Cobalt(III) nitrate
[B] Bromoaquotetraaminocobalt(III) nitrate
[C] Bromoaquatetraammine cobalet(III) nitrate
[D] Tetraammineaquabromo cobalt(III) nitrate