Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-9 -

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-9

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-9

1. Advantages of SCP
I) Rich in proteins poor in fats
II) Produced throughout the year
III) Cultured in any locality
IV) Cultured only in labs


2. Micropropagation is useful
I) To generate somaclonal variations which are exploited for crop improvement
II) To multiply genetically uniform population
III) To generate new species
IV) To produce heterozygous plants


3. The nutrient culture medium is a mixture of
I) Essential nutrients
II) Amino acids
Ill) Vitamins
IV) Carbohydrates


4. Regarding embryoids

I) Develop from embyonic cells
II) Develop on callus or explants
III) Give rise to plants which produce artificial seed
IV) Embryogeny resembles that of a sexual embryo


5. Simple callus culture does not require
I) Vitamins
III) Cytokinins
IV) Carbohydrates


6. Find the correct statements about somatic embryos
I) They pass through the developmental stages similar to the sexual embryos
II) They are also known as embryoids
III) They are used for the synthesis of synthetic seeds


7. Identify the correct sequence of events involved in tissue culture experiments
a) Preparation of explant
b) Incubation for growth
c) Preparation of nutrient culture medium
d) Acclimatization of plantlets
e) Inoculation of explants
f) Sterilization of nutrient medium


8. Identify the correct sequence of events involved in culturing of tissues and production of plantlets
A) Using the laminar air flow chamber
B) Adjusting the PH of the nutrient medium
C) Transferring the plantlets to soil – rite
D) Surface sterilization of the explant
E) Using non – absorbent cotton plugs


9. Study the following lists
List -I

A) Laminar air flow chamber
B) Autoclave
C) Micropropagation
D) Somaclonal
List – II

Steam sterilizer
Variations through tissue culture
Seed surface sterilization
Inoculation variations
Mass production of plants invitro
The correct match is


10. Study the following lists
List -I

A) Morgan
B) Steward
C) Murashige and Skoog
D) Nathans
List – II

I) Basal medium
II) Term totipOtency
III) Restriction nucleases
IV) Anther cullure
V) Experimentally demonstrated toti potency
The correct match is


11. Study the following lists
List -I

I) Low cytokinin to auxin ratio
II) Low auxin to cytokinin ratio
III) Sodium hypochlorite
IV) Sodium alginate
List – II

A) Disinfectant
B) Synthetic seeds
C) Solidifying agent
D) Rhizogenesis
E) Caulogensis
The correct match is


12. Haploids are more suitable for mutation studies than the diploids. This is because


13. Somaclones are obtained by


14. In maize, hybrid vigour is exploited by


15. The technique of obtaining large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is called