Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-8

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-8

1. Correct match of the following is


2. Which of the following cannot be obtained on basal medium ?


3. The somatic embryos with one set of chromosomes can be obtained through


4. In virus – infected plants the meristematic tissue both apical and axillary buds are free of virus because:


5. To isolate protoplast, one needs :


6. In virus-infected plants the meristematic tissues in both apical and axillary buds are free of virus I because:


7. Given below are a few statements regarding somatic hybridization. Choose the correct statements.
i) protoplasts of different cells of the same plant are fused
ii) protoplasts from cells of different species can be fused
iii) treatment of cells with cellulase and pectinase is mandatory
iv) the hybrid protoplast contains characters of only one parental protoplast.


8. To isolate protoplast, one needs:


9. Select the right features related to emasculation
I) It is done in male parent
II) It is done in female parent
III) It is done in both the parents
IV) It prevents cross pollination
V) It prevents self pollination


10. Scientific knowledge and field techniques are necessary to carryout
I) Clonal selection
II) Pureline selection
III) Hybridization
IV) Mass selection


11. No change in the genotype of the varieties is observed in the following crop improvement methods
I) Pureline selection
II) Mass selection
III) Clonal selection
IV) Introduction


12. During hybridization procedure, bagging is necessary for
I) Emasculated flowers
II) Flowers of male parent
III) Male sterile flowers of female parent
IV) Flowers of female parent with dioecious conditioin


13. Emasculation is not necessary in
I) Plant with male sterile bisexual flowers
II) Plant with bisexual flowers used as male parent
III) Plant with unisexual pistillate flowers
IV) Plant with bisexual flowers used as female parent


14. Arrange the following steps of hybridization procedure in a sequence
I) Artificial cross pollination
II) Selection of parents
III) Bagging
IV) Emasculation


15. Identify the correct sequence of events in relation to the procedure of hybridization.
A) Bagging
B) Tagging
C) Emasculation
D) Collection of pollen
E) Selfing of parents