Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-7

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-7

1. Nutrient medium is solidified by adding


2. Inoculation of explant is carried out in


3. Nutrient medium is sterillized with the help of


4. Any part of the plant which is introduced to culture medium to grow into full fledged plant or| organs in vitro is called


5. A synthetic seed consists of


6. From a virus infected vegetatively propagated plant, virus free plants can be produced by


7. “In vitro” tissue culture is based on the principle of


8. Which of the following need not to be used while preparing a basal nutrient medium


9. Regeneration of complete plantlets from callus does not require the pressence of this component in the culture medium


10. The tissue used by Steward from carot plant to demonstrate totipotency is


11. Which of the following provides energy for tissue growth “invitro”


12. Plantlets developed by another culture can be prevented from dessication by


13. Mismatch of the following is


14. The following provides aeration for tissue growth “invitro”


15. Rhizogenesis and caulogenesis are initiated by