Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-6

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-6

1. Which of the following is used to produce SCP on commercial scale


2. Chlorella and Spirulina which are grown to harvest SCP are


3. Developing healthy plants from viral diseased plant by culturing


4. Meristem cultures are successfully made by scientists in


5. Pomato is resulted due to


6. Totipotency was first experimentally demonstrated by


7. The term totipotency was coined by


8. First plant produced during demonstration of totipotency was


9. During the production of aseptic seedings the seeds are surface sterilized with


10. Temperature required during autoclaving is


11. Rhizogenesis is due to


12. Caulogenesis is due to


13. The technique of obtaining large number of plants through tissue culture is


14. The substance used for the encapsulation of the embryoids to produce artificial or systhetic seeds is


15. Female plants in Carica are produced in great numbers