Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-4

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-4

1. Number of chromosomes belong to the genus- Aegilops in fertile commercial bread wheat is


2. By colchicine treatment tetraploids can be converted into


3. One of the following is not a parent of Triticum aestivum


4. The number of genomes of Triticum monococcum in a hexaploid Triticum aestivum is


5. The product of second crossing during the formation of Triticum aestivum contains


6. Most common method of inducing polyploidy


7. An amphidiploid possess


8. Which of the following functions like mitotic poison


9. The ploidy of the aleurone cell when a ” 4n” female plants is crossed with “2n” male plant


10. Sonalika and Kalyan Sona are varieties of:


11. Serveral South India states raise 2-3 crops of rice annually. The agronomic feature that makes this possible is because of


12. Which one of the following combination would a sugarcane farmer look for in the sugarcane crop?


13. Use of certain chemicals and radiation to change the base sequences of genes of crop plants is termed:


14. The scientific process by which crop plants are enriched with certain desirable nutrients is called:


15. The biggest constraint of plant breeding is :