Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-10

Strategies for enhancement in food production Test-10

1. Cellular totipotency was demonstrated by


2. In tissue culture medium, the embryoids formed from pollen grains is due to


3. Which of the following crops have been brought of India from new world?


4. The new varieties of plants are produced by


5. Haploid plants can be obtained by culturing


6. Haploid plants are preferred over diploids for mutation study because in haploids


7. Pure line breed refers to


8. In which one of the following combinations (a-d) of the number of chromosomes is the present day hexaploid wheat correctly represented ?
Combination —-Monosomic—- Haploidsomic—Nulli-Triomic


9. Which is Indian dwarf wheat?


10. A scientist wants to study the viral effects on plants. Which of the following part of the plant should be excluded ?


11. The plant material, which is widely used in the preparation of culture medium, is


12. Polyploidy leads to rapid formation of new species, because of


13. Axenic culture is