Human Reproduction Mock Test-7

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Question No:1

Which of the following duct stores sperm?

(A) Vasa efferentia
(B) Rete testis
(C) Epididymis
(D) All of these

Question No:2

The female reproductive system along with a pair of mammary glands is integrated structurally and functionally to support process of

(A) Ovulation, fertilization
(B) Pregnancy and birth
(C) Child care
(D) All of these

Question No:3

Find out incorrect statement about ovaries.

(A) Each ovary is connected to the pelvic wall and uterus by ligaments.
(B) The ovarian stroma is divided into two zones a peripheral cortex and an inner medulla.
(C) Each ovary is covered by thick epithelium which encloses the ovarian stroma.
(D) Ovaries are the primary female sex organs

Question No:4

The fallopian tube is about ___ long.

(A) 10-12 cm
(B) 8-10 cm
(C) 12-14 cm
(D) 14-16 cm

Question No:5

The part of the fallopian tube closer to the ovary is:

(A) Infundibulum
(B) Ampulla
(C) Isthmus
(D) Womb

Question No:6

Which of the facts about the uterus (in human females) is true?

(A) Single
(B) Also called womb
(C) Inverted pear shape
(D) All of these

Question No:7

Birth canal is formed by:
(i) Uterus
(ii) Cervix
(iii) Vagina

(A) i and ii
(B) 1 and iii
(C) ii and iii
(D) iii only

Question No:8

Which statement is true about walls of the uterus?

(A) It has a thick membranous external wall called the perimetrium.
(B) It has a thin middle layer of smooth muscles called the myometrium.
(C) It has an inner glandular layer called the endometrium.
(D) All are true

Question No:9

The endometrium undergoes cyclical changes during the __ cycle,

(A) menstrual
(B) oestrous
(C) thermal
(D) none

Question No:10

The opening of vagina is often covered partially by

(A) Mons pubis
(B) Labia majora
(C) Labia minora
(D) Hymen

Question No:11

Which of the facts is true about clitoris?
(i) It is a tiny finger-like structure.
(ii) It lies at upper junction of two labia minora.
iii) It lies at upper junction of two labia majora.
(iv) It lies above utheral opening.
(v) It lies below urethral opening.

(A) i, ii, iii
(B) i, ii, v
(C) i, ii, iv
(D) iii, v

Question No:12

Hymen can be torn or broken by
(i) First coitus
(ii) Sudden fall or jolt v(iii) Horse riding
(iv) Cycling
(v) Insertion of a vaginal tampon

(A) i, ii and iv only
(B) iii, iv and v only
(C) i, iv and v only
(D) All

Question No:13

Select the true statement.

(A) Presence of hymen is a reliable indicator of virginity.
(B) Absence of hymen is a reliable indicator of sexual experience.
(C) Presence of hymen is a reliable indicator of sexual experience.
(D) Presence or absence of hymen is not a reliable indicator of virginity.

Question No:14

Which is the correct path for secretion and transport of milk in mammary gland?

(A) Alveoli —>Cavity of alveoli -> Mammary tubule ->Mammary duct —> Mammary ampulla —> Lactiferous duct
(B) Mammary duct —> Mammary tubule —>Alveoli —>Lactiferous duct —> Mammary ampulla —> Cavity of alveoli
(C) Mammary duct —> Cavity of alveoli —> Lactiferous duct —> Mammary ampulla —> Mammary tubule —> Alveoli
(D) Alveoli —> Mammary tubule —> Mammary ampulla —> Cavity of alveoli —> Mammary duct —> Lactiferous duct

Question No:15

Which fact about the mammary glands in humans is false?

(A) A non-functional mammary gland is characteristic of all male mammals.
(B) Mammary glands are paired structures.
(C) It is a glandular tissue containing fixed amount of fat.
(D) Glandular tissue of each breast is divided into 15-20 mammary lobes containing clusters of cells called alveoli.

Question No:16

Spermatogonia is

(A) Immature male germ cells
(B) Mature male germ cells
(C) Immature male gamete
(D) Mature male gamete

Question No:17

The spermatids are transformed into spermatozoa (sperm) by the process called

(A) Spermatogenesis
(B) Spermiogenesis
(C) Spermiation
(D) Capacitation

Question No:18

Select the correct sequence:

(A) GnRH —>LH —> Leydig cells —>Androgens -> Spermatogenesis
(B) GnRH —>FSH —> Sertoli cells -> Some factors -> Spermiogenesis
(C) Both correct
(D) Both incorrect

Question No:19

Acrosome is modified

(A) Golgi body
(B) ER
(C) Vacuole
(D) Ribosome

Question No:20

Antrum is present in

(A) Primary follicle
(B) Secondary follicle
(C) Tertiary follicle
(D) All

Question No:21

Primary oocyte grows in size and completes its first meiotic division inside the:

(A) Primary follicle
(B) Secondary follicle
(C) Tertiary follicle
(D) All

Question No:22

Which of the following undergo unequal division?

(A) Primary oocyte
(B) Pollen grain of Angiosperm
(C) Yeast cell during bud formation
(D) All

Question No:23

Secondary oocyte develops zona pellucida around it in the __.

(A) Primary follicle
(B) b) Secondary follicle
(C) Tertairy follicle
(D) Graafian follicle

Question No:24

Theca layer organized into theca interna and externa in which follicle

(A) 10
(B) 20
(C) 30
(D) Mature follicle

Question No:25

How many ovum(s) is/are released in one menstruation?

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4