NEET Biology Sexual Reproduction,NCERT Class 12 Botany Questions

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Mock Test-2

NEET Biolgy Sexual Reproduction MCQs

Question No:1

Each cell of microspore tetrad is

(A) 2n
(B) n
(C) Some n and some 2n
(D) 3n

Question No:2

Which type of cell division occurs in the cell of sporogenous tissue to form microspore?

(A) Reduction division
(B) Equational division
(C) Both (a) and (b)
(D) Amitosis

Question No:3

Formation of pollen from pollen mother cell is referred to as

(A) Pollenogenesis
(B) Megasporogenesis
(C) Microsporangesis
(D) Ovulation

Question No:4

Pollen grains are

(A) Microspore tetrad
(B) Dehydrated microspores
(C) Megaspore tetrad
(D) Pollen mother cells

Question No:5

Male gametophyte in angiosperm is represented by

(A) Anther
(B) Androecium
(C) Microsporangium
(D) Pollen grain

Question No:6

Pollen grains are

(A) Spherical
(B) Oval
(C) Generally spherical
(D) Irregular

Question No:7

Diameter of pollen grain is

(A) 20-50 um
(B) 25-50 um
(C) 30-50 um
(D) 10-50 um

Question No:8

Exine of pollen is
(A) Hard outer layer of pollen grain
(B) Most resistant organic matter known
(C) Layer made up of sporopollenin
(D) Layer which can withstand high temperature, strong acids and alkali
(E) Layer which cannot be degraded by any known enzyme
Which one of the following is correct?

(A) A and B
(B) A, B, C. D
(C) A,B,C,D,E
(D) A,C,E

Question No:9

Sporopollenin is

(A) Most resistant organic matter known
(B) Present in exine of pollen grain
(C) Absent in the germ pole of pollen grain
(D) All of the above

Question No:10

Pollen grains can be preserved as fossil because

(A) They vary from species to species
(B) They have variety of architecture
(C) They are made up of Sporopollenin
(D) They exhibit a fascinating array of pattern and design

Question No:11

Which part of pollen exhibit a fascination array of pattern and design?

(A) Intine
(B) Exine
(C) Germ pore
(D) None of them

Question No:12

Intine of pollen grain is

(A) Inner layer of pollen grain
(B) A thin and continuous layer
(C) Made up of cellulose and pectin
(D) All are correct

Question No:13

What does ‘A’ indicate in this figure?

(A) Scutellum
(B) Shoot apex
(C) Radicle
(D) Coleorhiza

Question No:14

What ‘C’ is showing in the given figure?

(A) Epiblast
(B) Scutellum
(C) Shoot apex
(D) Radicle

Question No:15

Identify the part ā€˜Dā€™.

(A) Radicle
(B) Root cap
(C) Coleorhiza
(D) Epiblast

Question No:16

What is ‘G’ in the given figure?

(A) Scutellum
(B) Coleorhiza
(C) Coleoptile
(D) Shoot apex

Question No:17

What is ‘B’ showing in the given figure?

(A) Scutellum
(B) Coleorhiza
(C) Coleoptile
(D) Shoot apex

Question No:18

Pollen grains are mature when:

(A) It contains vegetative and generative cell
(B) It contains only single haploid cell
(C) Contains two haploid cell
(D) Both (a) and (c)

Question No:19

Thin and continuous layer of pollen made up of cellulose and pectin

(A) Intine
(B) Exine
(C) Germ pore
(D) None of them

Question No:20

Pollen grains are shed in 2-celled stage in

(A) > 90% Angiosperm plant
(B) < 50% Angiosperm plant
(C) > 60% Angiosperm plant
(D) < 40% Angiosperm plant

Question No:21

Generate cell floats in the cytoplasm of

(A) Vegetative cell
(B) Microspore mother cell
(C) Pollen mother cell
(D) Mega sporangium

Question No:22

Below figure represents

(A) Self-pollinated flowers
(B) Cross-pollinated flowers
(C) Chasmogamous
(D) None of these

Question No:23

The bigger cell that receives abundant food and has irregularly shaped nucleus is called

(A) Generative cell
(B) Vegetative cell
(C) Germ cell
(D) Sperm cell

Question No:24

Spindle-shaped cell with dense cytoplasm and nucleus in pollen grain is called

(A) Vegetative cell
(B) Generative cell
(C) Sperm cell
(D) Egg cell

Question No:25

Match the following
Column ā€“I—-Column – II
A. Vegetative cell
B. Generative cell
C. Exine
D. Inline
Spindle-shaped cell
Large sized and has abundant food reserve
Cellulose and pectin

(A) A:1,B:2, C:3, D:4
(B) A:4,B:3,C:2,D:1
(C) A:3, B:2, C:1,D:4
(D) A:2, B:1,C:4, D:3