NEET class12 Zoology Human health disease PDFs,MCQs,Practice tests

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-15

Question No:1
Common cold differs from pneumonia in, that:

(A) (a) Pneumonia is a communicable disease whereas the common cold is a nutritional deficiency disease
(B) (b) Pneumonia can be prevented by a live attenuated bacterial vaccine whereas the common cold has no effective vaccine
(C) (c) Pneumonia is caused by a virus while the common cold is caused by the bacterium Haemophilus influenza
(D) (d) Pneumonia pathogen infects alveoli whereas the common cold affects nose and respiratory passage but not the lungs.

Question No:2
Which one of the following in not a property of cancerous cells whereas the remaining three are?

(A) (a) They compete with normal cells for vital nutrients
(B) (b) They do not remain confined in the area of formation
(C) (c) They divide in an uncontrolled manner
(D) (d) They show contact inhibition

Question No:3
Cirrhosis of liver is caused by the chronic intake of:

(A) (a) Opium
(B) (b) Alcohol
(C) (c) Tobacco (chewing)
(D) (d) Cocaine

Question No:4
In which one of the following options the two examples are correctly matched particular type of immunity?
Examples— Type of immunity
(a) Polymorpho nuclear leukocytes and monocytes—- Cellular barriers
(b) Anti-tetanus and anti-snake bite injections….Active immunity
(c) Saliva in mouth and tears in eyes—– Physical barriers
(d) Mucus coating of epithelium lining the urinogenital tract and the HCl in stomach—Physiological barriers
Infection of Ascaris usually occurs by:

(A) a) Drinking water containing eggs of Ascaris
(B) (b) Eating imperfectly cooked pork
(C) (c) Tse – tse fly
(D) (d) Mosquito bite

Question No:5
Infection of Ascaris usually occurs by;

(A) a) Drinking water containing eggs of Ascaris
(B) b) Eating imperfectly cooked pork
(C) c) Tse-tse fly
(D) d) Mosquito bite

Question No:6
The cell – mediated immunity inside the human body is carried out by?

(A) (a) T–lymphocytes
(B) (b) B – lymphocytes
(C) (c) Thrombocytes
(D) (d) Erythrocytes

Question No:7


Question No:8
At which stager HTV infection does one usually show symptoms of AIDS?

(A) (a) Within 15 days of sexual contact with an infected person
(B) (b) When the infected retro virus enters host cells
(C) (c) When HTV damages large number of helper T-Lymphocytes
(D) (d) When the viral DNA is produced by reverse transcriptase

Question No:9
Which of the following endoparasites of humans does show viviparity?

(A) (a) Ancylostoma duodenale
(B) (b) Enterobius vermicularis
(C) (c) Trichimella spiralis
(D) (d) Ascaris lumbricoides

Question No:10
Match each disease with its correct type of vaccine:
(a) tuberculosis (i) harmless virus
(b) whooping cough (ii) inactivated toxin
(c) diphtheria (iii) killed bacteria
(d) polio (iv) harmless bacteria
(a) (b) (c) (d)

(A) (a) (ii) (i) (iii) (iv)
(B) (b) (iii) (ii) (iv) (i)
(C) (c) (iv) (iii) (ii) (0
(D) (d) (i) (ii) (iv) (iii)

Question No:11
HIV that causes AIDS, first starts destroying:

(A) (a) B-Lymphocytes
(B) (b) Leucocytes
(C) (c) Helper T-Lymphocytes
(D) (d) Thrombocytes

Question No:12
The active form of Entamoeba histolytica feeds upon:

(A) (a) Erythrocytes, mucosa and sub mucosa of colon
(B) (b) Mucosa and sub mucosa colon only
(C) (c) food in intestine
(D) (d) blood only

Question No:13
Which of the following immunoglobulins does constitute the largest percentage in human milk?

(A) (a) Ig M
(B) (b) Ig A
(C) (c) Ig G
(D) (d) IgD

Question No:14
If you suspect major deficiency of antibodies in a person, to which of the following would you look for confirmatory evidence?

(A) (a) Serum albumins
(B) (b) Haemocytes
(C) (c) Serum globulins
(D) (d) Fibrinogin in plasma

Question No:15
Grafted kidney may be rejected in a patient due to

(A) (a) Cell-mediated immune response
(B) (b) Passive immune response
(C) (c) Innate immune response
(D) (d) Humoral immune response