NEET NCERT Zoology Human Diseases,Questions from NCERT Text,mcq

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-11

Question No:1
Cocaine is obtained from

(A) (a) Erythroxylum coca
(B) (b) Paper somniferum
(C) (c) Atropa belladonna
(D) (d) Connalris sativa

Question No:2
Coca plant is native to

(A) (a) North America
(B) (b) South America
(C) (c) South Africa
(D) (d) Australia

Question No:3
Cocaine is commonly known as

(A) (a) Smack
(B) (b) Coke
(C) (c) Crack
(D) (d) Both (b) and (c)

Question No:4
Cocaine produces a sense of _____

(A) (a) euphoria
(B) (b) dysphoria
(C) (c) depression
(D) (d) androgenic effects

Question No:5
Excessive dosage of cocaine causes ____

(A) (a) cvs collapse
(B) (b) hallucinations
(C) (c) nerve damage
(D) (d) vomiting

Question No:6
Atropa belladonna is

(A) (a) Ornamental plant
(B) (b) Hallucinogenic plant
(C) (c) Immunomodulator plant
(D) (d) Depressant plant

Question No:7
Generally, cannabinoids are taken by

(A) (a) Intravenously
(B) (b) Intramuscularly
(C) (c) Through oral route
(D) (d) Through Implants

Question No:8
LSD is

(A) (a) Lauric Acid Dimethyl Amide
(B) (b) Lysergic Acid Dimethyl Amide
(C) (c) Lysergic Acid Diethyl Amide
(D) (d) Lysergic Acid Diethyl amine

Question No:9
_____ a is very effective pain-killer and sedative used for patients who have undergone surgery

(A) (a) Paracetamol
(B) b) Morphine
(C) (c) LSD
(D) (d) Barbiturate

Question No:10
Datura is a _____ plant

(A) (a) sedative
(B) (b) hallucinogenic
(C) (c) excitatory
(D) (d) health tonic

Question No:11
AIDS do not spread by

(A) (a) Sexual contact
(B) (b) Body Fluids
(C) (c) Physical touch
(D) (d) Blood transfusion

Question No:12
Treatment of AIDS with anti-retro viral drugs is

(A) (a) Not at all effective
(B) (b) Fully effective
(C) (c) Partially effective
(D) (d) Leads to secondary infections

Question No:13
When plants having hallucinogenic properties are administered in more than required amount/ frequency, it causes

(A) (a) Addiction
(B) (b) Drug abuse
(C) (c) Cancer
(D) (d) Both (a) and (b)

Question No:14
Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines are used in clinical conditions like

(A) (a) Cancer and its prevention
(B) (b) Euphoria and sense of well-being
(C) (c) Depression and insomnia
(D) (d) Increasing body strength and vigour

Question No:15
Tobacco has been used by human beings for more than _____ years

(A) (a) 400 millions
(B) (b) 40 millions
(C) (c) 4000 millions
(D) (d) 400

Question No:16
Tobacco contains an alkaloid known as _____

(A) (a) morphine
(B) (b) piperine
(C) (c) nicotine
(D) (d) anabasine

Question No:17
Nicotine stimulates which gland primarily?

(A) (a) Salivary
(B) (b) Pancreas
(C) (c) Spleen
(D) (d) Adrenal

Question No:18
What is the effect of nicotine?

(A) (a) Relieves stress and anxiety
(B) (b) It gives a sense of well-being and happiness
(C) (c) It raises blood pressure and heart rate
(D) (d) It causes excess of acidity