NEET NCERT Zoology Human helath Disease liver,spleen,tonsils,thymus

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-8

Question No:1
Immature lymphocytes differentiate in

(A) Liver, Spleen
(B) Bone morrow and Thyroid
(C) Thymus and Bone marrow
(D) Spleen, Thymus

Question No:2
Which of the following is a secondary lymphoid organ?

(A) Brunner’s gland
(B) Peyer’s patches
(C) Crypts of leiberkuhn
(D) Glison’s capsule

Question No:3
Which structure of the lymph system keeps degenerating from birth to puberty?

(A) Spleen
(B) Tonsils
(C) Peyer’s patches
(D) Thymus

Question No:4
The spleen is

(A) Butterfly shaped
(B) Bean shaped
(C) Button shaped
(D) Wedge shaped

Question No:5
Thymus is responsible for maturation of which cells?

(A) Tendons
(B) B-cells
(C) T-cells
(D) Mast cells

Question No:6
Which organ act as filter of the blood by trapping blood borne micro-organisms?

(A) Spleen
(B) Liver
(C) Tonsils
(D) Bone marrow

Question No:7
Respiratory, digestive and urogenital tract has a lining of mucus along with lymph.This lining is known as

(A) Mucosa associated tissue
(B) Mucosa assisted lymphoid tissue
(C) Mucosa associated lymphoid tissue
(D) Mucosa assisted tissue

Question No:8


Question No:9
In context of lymphoid tissue, MALT constitutes about ___% of all the lymphoid tissue in human body

(A) 25%
(B) 60%
(C) 50%
(D) 90%

Question No:10
A group of symptoms is known as

(A) Infection
(B) Syndrome
(C) Disease
(D) Collection

Question No:11
AIDS was first reported in the year _____

(A) 1971
(B) 1981
(C) 1991
(D) 1960

Question No:12
The death toll due to AIDS has crossed _ globally,

(A) 2.5 billion
(B) 2500 million
(C) 25 million
(D) 250 million

Question No:13
AIDS is caused due to

(B) DNA virus
(D) Bacteriophage

Question No:14
HIV belongs to a group of viruses known as

(A) Inverto virus
(B) Retro virus
(C) Metro virus
(D) Flavo virus

Question No:15
Retro virus causing AIDS has which kind of genome?

(C) m-RNA
(D) Proteins

Question No:16
Which of the following is not a means of transmission of AIDS?

(A) Sexual contact with uninfected person
(B) Transfusion of contaminated blood
(C) Sharing infected needles
(D) Child born to an HIV infected mother

Question No:17
Time lag between infection and appearance of AIDS symptoms can be few months to ______ years

(A) 2-3
(B) 5-10
(C) >15
(D) 1-2

Question No:18
Retro virus contains an enzyme to carry out biochemical activities in host.Name the enzyme,

(A) Polymerase
(B) Exonuclease
(C) Reverse transcriptase
(D) Ligase