NCERT Structural oranization animals mcqs NTA NEET,biology mock exam

Structural Organization in Animals Mock Test-2

Question No:1

Which of the following is unicellular glandular epithelium?

[A] Salivary gland
[B] Islets of langerhan’s
[C] Goblet cells
[D] All

Question No:2

Which of the following is not secreted by exocrine glands?

[A] Earwax
[B] Oil
[C] Milk
[D] None

Question No:3

Whose products are called hormone and where are they secreted?

[A] Exocrine, Blood
[B] Endocrine, Blood
[C] Exocrine, lymph
[D] Endocrine, Fluid bathing the gland

Question No:4

Which of the following functions of compound epithelium is minimal?

[A] Protection
[B] Secretion
[C] Absorption
[D] Both (b) and (c)

Question No:5

Where we will not find the compound epithelium?

[A] Dry skin surface
[B] Moist surface of mouth
[C] Pharynx
[D] Pancreas

Question No:6

What is the function of tight junction?

[A] Protect from bacterial infection
[B] Stop substance leaking across the tissue
[C] Both
[D] Elasticity to the tissue

Question No:7

What is the function of Adhering junction?

[A] Cementing to keep neighbouring cells together
[B] Give rigidity to tissue
[C] Stop leaking substance across the tissue
[D] All

Question No:8

Which of the following junctions facilitate the cells to communicate with each other by connecting the cytoplasm of adjoining cells?

[A] Tight junction
[B] Adhering junction
[C] Gap junction
[D] Both (b) and (c)

Question No:9

Big molecules can be transported to the neighbouring cell by which of the following junction?

[A] Adhering junction
[B] Gap junction
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] Not possible for big molecules

Question No:10

Which tissue links and supports other tissues/organs of the body?

[A] Epithelial tissue
[B] Connective tissue
[C] Neural tissue
[D] All

Question No:11

In which of the following connective tissues elastin fibres are absent?

[A] Bone
[B] Cartilage
[C] Blood
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:12

Matrix or ground substance in connective tissues are made up of ______ .

[A] thick proteins
[B] elastin fibres
[C] modified polysaccharides
[D] modified triglycerides

Question No:13

Which of the following possess semi-fluid ground substance?

[A] Aerolar tissue
[B] Adipose tissue
[C] Blood
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:14

Which of the following is not a part of aerolar tissue?

[A] Fibroblasts
[B] Mast cells
[C] Fibro clasts
[D] All

Question No:15

Where is the excess unused nutrition stored in our body?

[A] Aerolar tissue
[B] Adipose tissue
[C] Both
[D] Blood