NCERT Structural oranization animals mcqs NTA NEET,Biology mock tests

Structural Organization in Animals Mock Test-1

Question No:1

What do you call an organization of group of similar cells along with intercellular substances?

[A] Organ
[B] System
[C] Tissue
[D] Cell membrane

Question No:2

To establish a system of organ system what kind of interaction occurs to form a common function?

[A] Physical
[B] Chemical
[C] Both
[D] Symbiotic

Question No:3

Which of the following is correct for epithelial tissue?

[A] It is present only inner lining
[B] It is present only as outer lining
[C] Contains very less intracellular matrix
[D] All

Question No:4

Which of the following contain simple epithelium as their lining?

[A] Ducts
[B] Tubes
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] Skin of mouth

Question No:5

Which of the following tissue has a free surface?

[A] Connective tissue
[B] Muscular tissue
[C] Epithelial tissue
[D] Neural tissue

Question No:6

Which of the following is not a simple epithelium?

[A] Squamous
[B] Cuboidal
[C] Columnar
[D] None

Question No:7

Which of the following sites contain squamous epithelium as its living?

[A] Blood vessel
[B] Air sac in lungs
[C] Nasal cavity
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:8

Secretion and absorption is done by what kind of epithelium?

[A] Squamous epithelium
[B] Cuboidal epithelium
[C] Columnar epithelium
[D] Ciliated columnar epithelium

Question No:9

Which of the following epithelium is irregularly shaped?

[A] Squamous epithelium
[B] Cuboidal epithelium
[C] Columnar epithelium
[D] Ciliated columnar epithelium

Question No:10

Cuboidal epithelium can be found in

[A] Distal convoluted tubule
[B] Proximal convoluted tubule
[C] Henle’s loop
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:11

In columnar epithelium, where is nucleus located?

[A] At the base
[B] In the middle
[C] At the top
[D] No nucleus present

Question No:12

If the cuboidal epithelium turns out to have microvilli on it, what will it be called?

[A] Ciliated columnar epithelium
[B] Pseudo ciliated epithelium
[C] Both
[D] Ciliated epithelium

Question No:13

Where is columnar epithelium found?

[A] Lining of intestine
[B] Outer wall of stomach
[C] Proximal convoluted tubule
[D] All

Question No:14

Where is ciliated epithelium found?

[A] Bronchioles
[B] Fallopian tubes
[C] Both
[D] Lungs

Question No:15

Cuboidal or columnar epithelium specialized for secretion are called ______.

[A] ciliated epithelium
[B] glandular epithelium
[C] both
[D] none