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Structural Organization in Animals Mock Test-3

Question No:1

In which tissue Fibres and fibroblasts are completely packed?

[A] Dense regular connective tissue
[B] Dense irregular connective tissue
[C] Both
[D] Cartilage

Question No:2

Which structures are joined by tendons?

[A] Skeletal muscles to bones
[B] Skeletal muscles to ligaments
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] Bones to ligaments

Question No:3

Which of the following tissue is not present in skin?

[A] Epithelial tissue
[B] Dense connective
[C] Aerolar tissue
[D] All

Question No:4

Which of the following is/are example of dense connective tissue?

[A] Tendon
[B] Cartilage
[C] Ligament
[D] All

Question No:5

What kind of tissue is goblet cells?

[A] Epithelial tissue
[B] Connective tissue
[C] Neural tissue
[D] All

Question No:6

Which portion of cartilage provides it with solidity, pliability and resistance to compression?

[A] Collagen fibres
[B] Calcium content
[C] Intracellular material
[D] Chondrocytes

Question No:7

What provides bone with hard and non-pliable properties?

[A] Collagen fibres
[B] Calcium salts
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:8

Where are osteocytes located?

[A] Entire bone
[B] In lacunae
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:9

Which of the following is not true?

[A] Limb bones are long bones
[B] The function of long bones is weight bearing and bringing out movement
[C] Bone marrows in all such long bones are site of blood cells production
[D] All

Question No:10

What is the main function of blood?

[A] Protection of body
[B] Transport of various substances
[C] pH buffering
[D] Maintaining osmocarity balance

Question No:11

The long cylindrical fibres that form a muscle is made up of ______ .

[A] tinofibriles
[B] collagen fibres
[C] fibroblasts
[D] myofibrils

Question No:12

When muscle cells receive stimulus, they get ______ .

[A] shortend
[B] lengthend
[C] elongated
[D] all

Question No:13

Muscular movement are intended to ______.

[A] move the body to adjust to changes in environment
[B] maintain position of various body parts
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:14

Which of the following is a typical skeletal muscle?

[A] Biceps
[B] Triceps
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:15

The sheath enclosing the several bundles of muscle fibres is ______ tissue,

[A] epithelial
[B] connective
[C] both
[D] neural