NEET Biology Questions PDF,stragies enhancement food production pdf

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Test-3

Question No:1

The development of several high yielding varieties of wheat and rice in the mid ______ through plant breeding techniques lead to the Green Revolution in India,

[A] 1950s
[B] 1960s
[C] 1970s
[D] 1980s

Question No:2

In several variety of wheat such as ______ and ______, which were high yielding and disease resistance, were introduced all over the wheat growing belt of India,

[A] Sonalika, Kalyan sona
[B] Sonalika, IR – 8
[C] Sonalika, Taichung Native-I
[D] Kalyan sona, Jaya

Question No:3

Semi-dwarf varieties of rice developed in India are

[A] Sonalika and Kalyan sona
[B] IR-8 and Taichung Native-I
[C] Jaya and Ratna
[D] Altas 66 and Himgiri

Question No:4

Semi-dwarf varieties of rice were derived from

[A] Sonalika and Kalyan sona
[B] IR-8 and Taichung Native-I
[C] Jaya and Ratna
[D] Altas 66 and Himgiri

Question No:5

Taichung Native I variety of rice were from which country?

[A] India
[B] Philippines
[C] Taiwan
[D] Japan

Question No:6

All of the given options are true about Saccharum barberi except

[A] Grown in North India
[B] Poor yield
[C] Poor sugar content
[D] High sugar content

Question No:7

All of the given options are true about Saccharum officinarum except

[A] Grown in South India
[B] Thicker stem
[C] High sugar content
[D] Grow well in North India

Question No:8

Match the column-I (Plant) with Column-II (Variety)
Column-I—- Column-II
Wheat A. Altas –
Sugar cane B. Saccharum barberi
Okra C. Pusa A-4
Chilli D. Pusa Vadabahar
Rice E. Jaya

[A] 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D, 5-E
[B] 1-B, 2-D, 3-A, 4-E, 5-C
[C] 1-D, 2-A, 3-E, 4-C, 5-B
[D] 1-C, 2-E, 3-B, 4-A, 5-D

Question No:9

Select the incorrect match.

[A] SCP—Single Cell Protein
[B] IRRI—International Rice Research Institute
[C] MOET—Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology
[D] IUCN—International Union for Conservation of Nation

Question No:10

Select the correct match.

[A] Plant breeding—Purposeful manipulation of plant species in order to create desired plant types that are better suited for cultivation gives better yield and are disease resistance
[B] Gene bank—The entire collection of plant/seeds having all the diverse alleles for all genes in a given crop
[C] Fishery—Industry devoted to the catching, processing or selling offish only
[D] MOET—It is used for herd improvement. In this method, a cow is administered hormones, with LH-like activity, which lead to super-ovulation (i.e., produce 6-8 eggs/cycle)

Question No:11

Which combination of qualities is first priority of plant breeder?
(A) Increased yield
(B) Increased quality of food
(C) Increased resistance to pathogens
(D) Increased tolerance to environmental stresses

[A] A and B only
[B] C and D only
[C] All A, B, C, D
[D] A, B, and C only

Question No:12

Fill in the blanks Column-I (Crop), Column-II (Variety), Column-III (Resistance to disease).
Column-I– Column-II —Column-lll
Wheat– A— Lear and strip rust
Brassica– B— C
Cowpea— Pusa komal— D
Chilli —E— Chilli mosaic virus, Tobacco mosaic virus and leaf curl

[A] A-Karan rai, B-Himgiri, C-Bacterial blight, D-White rust, E-Pusa swarnim
[B] A-Himgiri, B-Karan rai, C-White rust, D-Bacterial blight, E-Pusa sadabahar
[C] A-Pusa sadabahar, B-Himgiri, C-White rust, D-Pusa swarnim, E-White rust
[D] A-Bacterial blight, B-White rust, C-Karan rai, D-Himgiri, E-Pusa sadabahar

Question No:13

Following are varieties of Wheat except

[A] Altas-66
[B] Himgiri
[C] IR-8
[D] Sonalika

Question No:14

Which of the following is/are variety/varieties of cauliflower?

[A] Pusa shubhra
[B] Pusa komal
[C] Pusa snowball K-1
[D] Both (a) and (c)

Question No:15

In which plant, resistance to yellow mosaic virus and powdery mildew were induced by mutations?

[A] Flat bean
[B] A. esculentus
[C] Mung bean
[D] Pusa A—4