NEET NCERT question bank,stragies enhancement food production pdf

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Test-2

Question No:1

Keeping beehives in crop fields during flowering period causes

[A] Increased pollination efficiency
[B] Increased in yield of crop
[C] Increased in yield of honey
[D] All of the above

Question No:2

Example of inter specific hybridization

[A] Hisardale
[B] Mule
[C] Jersey
[D] Leghorn

Question No:3

In MOET ______ cell stage, fertilized egg are recovered non-surgically and transferred to surrogate mothers.

[A] 8-32
[B] 2-4
[C] 6-8
[D] 4-6

Question No:4

Hisardale is a new breed of sheep developed in Punjab by crossing

[A] Bikaneri ewes and Marino rams
[B] Dolly and Marino rams
[C] Ajmeri` ewes and Marino rams
[D] Jersey and Bikaneri ewes

Question No:5

Mule is produced by cross-breeding

[A] Male horse and female horse
[B] Male donkey and female horse
[C] Female donkey and male horse
[D] Male donkey and female donkey

Question No:6

Green revolution was dependent to a large extent on plant breeding techniques for development of high yielding and disease resistant verities in

[A] Wheat
[B] Maize
[C] Rice
[D] All

Question No:7

Which of the following is the most important character or trait that the breeders have tried to incorporate in plants first?

[A] Resistance to pathogens (virus, fungi and bacteria)
[B] Increase tolerance to insect pest
[C] Increased tolerance to environmental stress
[D] Increased crop yield

Question No:8

The entire collection (of plants/seeds) having all the diverse allele for all genes in a given crop is called

[A] Gene bank
[B] Tissue culture
[C] Genetic engineering
[D] Germplasm collection

Question No:9

Which process of plant breeding technique is the most time-consuming and tedious?

[A] Collection of variability
[B] Cross hybridization among the selected parents
[C] Evaluation and selection of parents
[D] Selection and testing of superior recombinants

Question No:10

Self-pollination for several generations create

[A] Heterozygosity
[B] Homozygosity
[C] Hemizygosity
[D] Aneuploidy

Question No:11

Which is not a step in breeding a new genetic variety of crop?

[A] Collection of variability
[B] Evaluation and selection of parent
[C] Self hybridization among the selected parents
[D] Selection and testing of superior recombinants

Question No:12

Testing, release and commercialization of new cultivar include

[A] Evaluation in research field
[B] Receding performance of cultivar under ideal fertilizer application, irrigation and crop management practice
[C] Evaluation in farmer’s field for at least three growing seasons at several locations in a country
[D] All of the above

Question No:13

In India agriculture accounts for approx ______ % of India’s GDP and employs nearly ______ % of the population.

[A] 33,62
[B] 62,33
[C] 50,50
[D] 60,40

Question No:14

P1542 is a hybrid variety of

[A] Maize
[B] Wheat
[C] Rice
[D] Garden pea

Question No:15

Which of the following plant hybrids are successfully developed in India?

[A] Maize
[B] Jowar
[C] Bajara
[D] All of these