NEET NCERT Biology Principle inheritance grand papers,NTA mock test

Principles of Inheritance and Variation Mock Test-13

Question No:1

Which one of the following cannot be explained on the basis of Mendel’s Law of Dominance?

[A] The discrete unit controlling a particular character is called a factor
[B] Out of one pair of factors one is dominant, and the other recessive
[C] Alleles do not show any blending and both the characters recover as such in F2 generation
[D] Factors occur in pairs

Question No:2

The genotype of a plant showing the dominant phenotype can be determined by:

[A] Test cross
[B] Dihybrid cross
[C] Pedigree analysis
[D] Back cross

Question No:3

ABO blood groups in humans are controlled by the gene I. It has three alleles – IA,IB and i. Since there are three different alleles, six different genotypes are possible. How many pheno-types can occur?

[A] Three
[B] One
[C] Four
[D] Two

Question No:4

Select the correct statement from the ones given below with respect to dihybrid cross.

[A] Tightly linked genes on the same chromosome show higher recombinations
[B] Genes far apart on the same chromosome show very few recombinations
[C] Genes loosely linked on the same chromosome show similar recombinations as the tightly linked ones
[D] Tightly linked genes on the same chromosome show very few recombinations

Question No:5

Which one of the following conditions correctly describes the manner of determining the sex in the given example?

[A] XO type of sex chromosomes determine male sex in grasshopper
[B] XO condition in humans as found in Turner syndrome, determines female sex
[C] Homozygous sex chromosomes (XX) produce male in Drosophila
[D] Homozygous sex chromosomes (ZZ) determine female sex in birds

Question No:6

A collection of plants and seeds, having diverse alleles of all the genes of a crop, is called

[A] Germplasm
[B] Gene library
[C] Genome
[D] Herbarium

Question No:7

When two unrelated individuals or lines are crossed, the performance of F1 hybrid is often superior to both its parents. This phenomenon is called:

[A] Transformation
[B] Splicing
[C] Metamorphosis
[D] Heterosis

Question No:8

Test cross in plants or in Drosophila involves crossing

[A] Between two genotypes with recessive trait
[B] Between two F1 hybrids
[C] The F 1hybrid with a double recessive genotype
[D] Between two genotype with dominant trait

Question No:9

Which one of the following conditions of the zygotic cell would lead to the birth of a normal human female child?

[A] Two X chromosome
[B] Only one Y chromosome
[C] Only one X chromosome
[D] One X and one Y chromosome

Question No:10

Read the following four statements (A – D):
(A) In transcription, adenosine pairs with uracil
(B) Regulation of lac operon by represser is referred to as positive regulation
(C) The human genome has approximately 50,000 genes
(D) Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessive disease
How many of the above statements are right?

[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 1
[D] 2

Question No:11

A test cross is carried out to:

[A] Predict whether two traits are linked
[B] Assess the number of alleles of a gene
[C] Determine whether two species or varieties will breed successfully
[D] Determine the genotype of a plant at F2

Question No:12

A normal-visioned man whose father was colour-blind, marries a women whose father was also colour-blind. They have their first child as a daughter. What are the chances that this child would be colour-blind”.

[A] 100%
[B] Zero percent
[C] 25%
[D] 50%

Question No:13

F2 generation in a Mendelion cross showed that both genotypic and phenotypic rations are same as 1:2: It represents a case of:

[A] Co-dominance
[B] Dihybrid cross
[C] Monohybrid cross with complete dominance
[D] Monohybrid cross with incomplete dominance

Question No:14

Which of the following statements is not true of two genes that shows 50% recombination frequency?

[A] The genes may be on different chromosomes
[B] The genes are tightly linked
[C] The genes show independent assortment
[D] If the genes are present on the same chromosome, they undergo more than one crossovers in every meiosis

Question No:15

Variation in gene frequencies within populations can occur by change rather than by natural selection. This is referred to as:

[A] Genetic flow
[B] Genetic drift
[C] Random mating
[D] Genetic load

Question No:16

If two persons with ‘AB’ blood group marry and have sufficiently large number of children, these children could be classified as ‘A’ blood group: ‘AB’ blood group: ‘B’ blood group in 1:2:1 ratio. Modern technique of protein electrophoresis reveals presence of both ‘A’ and ‘B’ type proteins in ‘AB’ blood group individuals. This is an example of:

[A] Codominance
[B] Incomplete dominance
[C] Partial dominance
[D] Complete dominance

Question No:17

Which Mendelian idea is depicted by a cross in which the F1 generation resembles both the parents?

[A] Incomplete dominance
[B] Law of dominance
[C] Inheritance of one gene
[D] Co-dominance