NEET NCERT Biology Principle inheritance online mock Exam MCQs,pdfs

Principles of Inheritance and Variation Mock Test-14

Question No:1

The incorrect statement with regard to Haemophilia is:

[A] It is a sex – linked disease
[B] It is a recessive disease
[C] It is a dominant disease
[D] A single protein involved in the clotting of blood is affected

Question No:2

If both parents are carriers for the thalessemia, which is an autosomal recessive disorder, what are the chances of pregnancy resulting in an affected child?

[A] No chance
[B] 50%
[C] 25%
[D] 100%

Question No:3

Fruit colour in squash is an example of:

[A] Recessive epistasis
[B] Dominant epistasis
[C] Complementary genes
[D] Inhibitory genes

Question No:4

A man whose father was colour blind marries a woman who had a colour blind mother and normal father. What percentage of male children of this couple will be colour blind?

[A] 25%
[B] 0%
[C] 50%
[D] 75%

Question No:5

In a population of 1000 individuals 360 belong to genotype AA, 480 to Aa and the remaining 160 to aa. Based on this data, the frequency of allele A in the population is:

[A] 0.4
[B] 0.5
[C] 0.6
[D] 0.7

Question No:6

A human female with Turner’s syndrome:

[A] Has 45 chromosomes with XO
[B] Has one additional X chromosome
[C] Exhibits male characters
[D] Is able to produce children with normal husband

Question No:7

How many pairs by contrasting characters in pea plants was studied by Mendel in his experiments?

[A] Five
[B] Six
[C] Eight
[D] Seven

Question No:8

The movement of a gene from one linkage group to another is called:

[A] Inversion
[B] Duplication
[C] Translocation
[D] Crossing over

Question No:9

Multiple alleles are present:

[A] On different chromosomes
[B] At different location the same chromosome
[C] At the same locus of the chromosome
[D] On non sister chromatids

Question No:10

An abnormal human baby with ‘XXX’ sex chromosomes was born due to:

[A] Formation of abnormal sperms in the father
[B] Formation of abnormal ova in the mother
[C] Fusion of two ova and one sperm
[D] Fusion two sperms and one ovum

Question No:11

Alleles are:

[A] Different phenotype
[B] True breeding homozygotes
[C] Different molecular forms of a gene
[D] Heterozygotes

Question No:12

A man with blood group ‘A’ marries a woman with blood group ‘B’. which are all the possible blood groups of their off springs?

[A] A and B only
[B] A, Band AB only
[C] A, B, AB and O
[D] O only

Question No:13

In his classic experiments on pea plants, Mendel did not use.

[A] Pod length
[B] Seed shape
[C] Flower position
[D] Seed colour

Question No:14

A pleiotropic gene:

[A] Is a gene evolved during Pliocene?
[B] Controls a trait only in combination with another gene
[C] Controls multiple traits in an individual
[D] Is expressed only in primitive plants

Question No:15

A gene showing codominance has:

[A] Alleles tightly linked on the same chromosome
[B] Alleles that are recessive to each other
[C] Both alleles independently expressed in the heterozygote
[D] One allele dominant on the other

Question No:16

A colour blind man marries a woman with normal sight who has no history of colour blindness in her family. What is the probability of their grandson being colour blind?

[A] 1
[B] Nil
[C] 0.25
[D] 0.5

Question No:17

The term “linkage” was coined by:

[A] T. Boveri
[B] G. Mendel
[C] W. Sutton
[D] T.H. Morgan