NCERT NEET Principle Inheritance Variance Grand Test,mock Exam,mcqs

Principles of Inheritance and Variation Mock Test-9

Question No:1

Sickle cell anaemia caused by substitution of Glutamic acid (Glue) by _____ at the sixth position of the beta globin chain of the haemoglobin molecule,

[A] Asn (Aspargine)
[B] Gly(Glycine)
[C] Arg (Argenine)
[D] Val (Valine)

Question No:2

Which enzyme is defective in PKU?
(A) DOPA Enzyme(1) -> Melanin
(B) Tyrosine Enzyme(2) -> Thyroxin
(C) Phenylalanine Enzyme(3) -> tyrosine
(D) Tyrosine Enzyme(4) -> Homogentisic acid

[A] Enzyme
[B] Enzyme
[C] Enzyme
[D] Enzyme

Question No:3

True about Phenyllketonuria

[A] Metal retardation
[B] Accumulation of phenylalanine and phenyl pyruvic acid and other derivatives
[C] Autosomal recessive trait
[D] All of the above

Question No:4

The substitution of amino acid in the globin protein results due to the single bass substitution at the sixth codon of the beta globin gene from,

[A] GAG to GGG
[B] CAG to GAG
[C] GAG to GUG
[D] GGC to GGA

Question No:5

Which of the following amino acid not present in first six amino acids in affected beta-chain of Haemoglobin?

[A] Val
[B] Thr
[C] Glu
[D] Leu

Question No:6

Name the amino acid which has its 2 molecules present in the first 7 amino acid of beta-chain of haemoglobin.

[A] Val
[B] His
[C] Leu
[D] Glu

Question No:7

Probability of which of the following is extremely rare?

[A] Carrier female in haemophilia
[B] Carrier male in haemophilia
[C] Affected male in haemophilia
[D] Affected female in haemophilia

Question No:8

In hemophilia how many proteins that is a part of the cascade of protein involved in clotting of blood affected?

[A] One
[B] Two
[C] Three
[D] Multiple/many

Question No:9

Diseased phenotype in sickle cell anaemia is shown by which of the following genotype?

[A] Hb AHb A
[B] HbsHbs
[C] Hb A Hb s
[D] All of above

Question No:10

Variation in DNA is due to

[A] Mutation
[B] Recombination
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of these

Question No:11

Alteration in chromosome may be due to

[A] Deletion of a segment of DNA
[B] Addition of segment of DNA
[C] Duplication of segment of DNA
[D] Any of above

Question No:12

Deletion or insertion of base pairs of DNA causes

[A] Point mutation
[B] Frameshift mutation
[C] Transversion
[D] All of the above

Question No:13

Find out correct statement.

[A] UV radiation can cause mutation in organism
[B] Chromosomal aberration are commonly observed in cancer cells
[C] Mutation is a phenomenon which results in alteration of DNA sequences and results in changes in the genotype and the phenotype of an organism
[D] All of the above

Question No:14

Mutation arises due to the change in single base pair of DNA is known as

[A] Point mutation
[B] Frameshift mutation
[C] Silent mutation
[D] Recombination

Question No:15

Classical example of point mutation is

[A] Haemophilia
[B] Sickle cell anaemia
[C] Mangolism
[D] Cri-du chat syndrome