NEET NCERT Principle inheritance grand test,online mock exam MCQs

Principles of Inheritance and Variation Mock Test-5

Question No:1

If a child has O type of blood group and the father has B type, the genotype of the father will be


Question No:2

A person with antigens ‘B’ in RBC and antibodies ‘A’ in the plasma belongs to the blood group

[A] A
[B] B
[C] AB
[D] O

Question No:3

Rh factor may be responsible for

[A] Turner’s syndrome
[C] Sickle-cell anaemia
[D] Erythroblastosis foetalis

Question No:4

A human female with blood group ‘A’ has

[A] Antibody-anti-B in the red blood cells and antigen A in the serum
[B] Antigen A in the red blood cells and antibody-anti-B in the serum
[C] Antigen B in the red blood cells and antibody-anti-B in the serum
[D] Antigen A in the red blood cells and antibody-anti-A in the serum

Question No:5

Rh factor is named after

[A] Man
[B] Rat
[C] Monkey
[D] Chimpanzee

Question No:6

If one parent has blood group A and the other parent has blood group B, the offspring have which blood group?

[A] AB
[B] O
[C] BO
[D] A, B, AB, O

Question No:7

Mendel did not recognize the linkage phenomenon in his experiments because

[A] There were many chromosomes to handle
[B] Characters he studied were located on different chromosomes
[C] He did not have powerful microscope
[D] He studied only pure plants

Question No:8

Exchange of genetic material between chromatids of homologous chromosomes during meiosis is called

[A] Synapsis
[B] Chiasmata
[C] Transformation
[D] Crossing over

Question No:9

In maize, chromosome number is 2n = The number of linkage groups in it will be

[A] 20
[B] 40
[C] 10
[D] 5

Question No:10

The map distance between genes A and B is 3 units, between B and C is 10 units and between C and A is 7 units. The order of the genes in a linkage map constructed on the above data would perhaps be

[A] A,B,C
[B] A,C,B
[C] B,C,A
[D] B,A,C

Question No:11

Crossing over in diploid organism is responsible for

[A] Dominance of genes
[B] Linkage between genes
[C] Segregation of alleles
[D] Recombination of linked allele

Question No:12

The percentage of crossing over will be more if

[A] Linked genes are located far apart from each other
[B] Linked genes are located close to each other
[C] Genes are not linked
[D] Genes are located in a different cell

Question No:13

Linkage was first observed in

[A] Field pea
[B] Sweet pea
[C] Pea
[D] Grass pea

Question No:14

Drosophila has four pairs of chromosomes. How many linkage groups does it have?

[A] Eight
[B] Four
[C] One less than the pairs of chromosomes
[D] One more than the pairs of chromosomes

Question No:15

Linkage in Drosophila was first discovered by

[A] Morgan
[B] Bateson and Punnet
[C] Sturtevant
[D] Bridges