NEET NCERT Biology Principle inheritance online exam,Biology notes,pdfs

Principles of Inheritance and Variation Mock Test-6

Question No:1

Number of linkage group in Pisum sativum is

[A] 2
[B] 5
[C] 7
[D] 9

Question No:2

Who coined the term linkage?

[A] Mendel
[B] Tshermak
[C] Sturtevant
[D] T.H. Morgan

Question No:3

In humans, chromosomal condition of male is

[A] 44 AA + XO
[B] 44AA + XX
[C] 44 AA + XY
[D] 44AA + XXY

Question No:4

Physical association of two genes is known as

[A] Heterozygosis
[B] Linkage
[C] Recombination
[D] Homozygosis

Question No:5

Find out incorrect statement

[A] Morgan carried out several dihybrid crosses in drosophila to study genes that were sex linked.
[B] Sturtevant used the frequency of recombination between gene pairs on the same chromosome as a measure of the distance between genes and mapped their position on chromosome.
[C] Henking gave the term X-body.
[D] Boveri united the knowledge of chromosomal segregation with Mendelian principles and called it the chromosomal theory of inheritance.

Question No:6

Why drosophila melanogaster is suitable for study of genetical variation?

[A] Could be grown on simple synthetic medium in laboratory
[B] Complete life cycle is 2 weeks and single mating produces a large number of progeny flies
[C] Clear sexual dimorphism is present and many types of heredity variation can be seen with low power microscope
[D] All of these

Question No:7

Cytological observation made in a many number of _____ led to the development of the concept of genetic/chromosomal basis of sex determination

[A] Mammals
[B] Birds
[C] Humans
[D] Insects

Question No:8

Who discovered X-body but could not explain its significance

[A] Mendel
[B] Morgan
[C] Henking
[D] De varies

Question No:9

X-body of Henking was

[A] Nucleus
[B] Lipid
[C] Chromosome
[D] Ribosomes

Question No:10

X-chromosome is used in determination of sex; therefore, it is known as

[A] Autosomes
[B] Sex-chromosome
[C] Microsomes
[D] Oxysomes

Question No:11

Which type of sex-determination is found in grasshopper?

[A] XO type
[B] XY type
[C] ZW type
[D] Any of the above

Question No:12

In number of insects and mammals the type of sex determination is

[A] XO type
[B] XY type
[C] ZW type
[D] Any of the above

Question No:13

Male is homogametic in

[A] Drosophila
[B] Human
[C] Fowl
[D] All of the above

Question No:14

How many chromosomes are present in human male?

[A] 22 Pairs + XX
[B] 22 Pairs + YY
[C] 22 Pairs+ XY
[D] 21 Pairs+ XY

Question No:15

Which of the following is responsible for sex of the chicks?

[A] Sperm
[B] Egg
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of these