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Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-8

Question No:1

Chlorophyceae are grass green due to dominance of pigment

[A] chlorophyll a, c
[B] chlorophyll b, a
[C] chlorophyll d, c
[D] all

Question No:2

Pyrenoids are located in

[A] cytoplasm
[B] mitochondria
[C] chloroplast
[D] nucleus

Question No:3

Pyrenoids store

[A] protein
[B] starch
[C] lipids
[D] both (a) and (b)

Question No:4

Cell wall of green algae is made up of

[A] cellulose and pectose
[B] cellulose and pectin
[C] inner layer of pectose and outer layer of cellulose
[D] inner layers of cellulose and outer layer of pectose

Question No:5

Zoospores are formed during asexual reproduction of algae and formed in

[A] sporangia
[B] zoosporangia
[C] microsporangia
[D] megasporangia

Question No:6

Sexual reproduction is of isogamous, anisogamous, and oogamous in

[A] chlorophyceae
[B] rhodophyceae
[C] chlorophyceae and phaeophyceae
[D] chlorophyceae and rhodophyceae

Question No:7

Algae which are primarily marine is

[A] red algae
[B] brown algae
[C] green algae
[D] all

Question No:8

Filamentous brown algae is

[A] spirogyra
[B] laminaria
[C] ectocarpus
[D] porphyra

Question No:9

Green algae perform ____ oogamous type sexual reproduction

[A] sphagnum
[B] Volvox
[C] dictyota
[D] spirogyra

Question No:10

Kelps represent the group of

[A] bryophytes
[B] red algae
[C] green algae
[D] brown algae

Question No:11

Kelps may reach a height up to

[A] 120m
[B] 100m
[C] 1000m
[D] 10m

Question No:12

The algae possess chlorophyll a, c, carotenoids and xanthophylls belong to

[A] green algae
[B] brown algae
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:13

Brown algae vary in colour from ____ to various shades of ____ depending on the amount of ____ pigment and ____ present in them

[A] fucoxanthin, xanthophyll, blue, brown
[B] blue, brown, fucoxanthin, xanthophyll
[C] yellow, brown, fucoxanthin, xanthophyll
[D] olive green, brown, fucoxanthin, xanthophyll

Question No:14

Laminaria and mannitol are stored food of

[A] euglena
[B] green algae
[C] liverworts
[D] brown algae

Question No:15

The plant body of algae divided in holdfast, stipe and fronds in

[A] chara
[B] laminaria
[C] porphyra
[D] all