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Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-6

Question No:1

Who suggested five kingdom classifications?

[A] Robert Hooke
[B] Joseph Dalton Hooker
[C] Carolus Linnaeus
[D] Whittaker

Question No:2

The earliest classification used only

[A] physiological characters
[B] gross anatomical characters
[C] gross morphological characters
[D] all

Question No:3

Artificial systems gave equal weight age to

[A] morphological and anatomical characters
[B] vegetative and sexual characters
[C] vegetative and anatomical characters
[D] morphological and sexual characters

Question No:4

_____ characters are easily affected by environment

[A] Sexual
[B] Somatic
[C] Anatomical
[D] All

Question No:5

Natural classification system developed were

[A] natural affinities amongst organism
[B] ultra structure and anatomy
[C] embryology
[D] all

Question No:6

The classification based on evolutionary history was

[A] Phylogenetic classification
[B] artificial classification
[C] numerical classification
[D] none

Question No:7

Numbers and codes are assigned to the characters in

[A] Cytotaxonomy
[B] chemotaxonomy
[C] numerical taxonomy
[D] none

Question No:8

Chemotaxonomy is based on

[A] information are chromosome number, structure and behaviour
[B] chemical constituents of plants
[C] all observable characters
[D] only sexual characters

Question No:9

According to Phylogenetic classification organisms belonging to same taxa

[A] are same in anatomy
[B] have same genetic constituent
[C] have a common ancestor
[D] have all characteristics same

Question No:10

Characters used to classify organism when no fossil evidence is supportive is

[A] numerical taxonomy
[B] Cytotaxonomy
[C] chemotaxonomy
[D] all

Question No:11

Chlorophyll bearing, thalloid, simply, auto tropic, and mainly aquatic organisms are

[A] bryophytes
[B] protist
[C] algae
[D] all

Question No:12

Filamentous forms of algae are

[A] Ulothrix
[B] spirogyra
[C] chlamydomonas
[D] both (a) and (b)

Question No:13

Volvox is

[A] unicellular algae
[B] filamentous algae
[C] colonial algae
[D] symbiotic algae

Question No:14

Modes of reproduction found in algae are

[A] vegetative
[B] asexual
[C] sexual
[D] all

Question No:15

Vegetative reproduction in algae is by

[A] binary fusion
[B] fragmentation
[C] budding
[D] cyst formation