NCERT Biology plant kingdom Questions,pdfs,model papers NEET

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-13

Question No:1

The dominant stage of gametophyte of mosses consist of

[A] protonema which develops from lateral bud
[B] a leafy stage developing from a spore
[C] both (a) and (b)
[D] a leafy stage developing form secondary protonema

Question No:2

Protonema is found hi

[A] liverworts
[B] selaginella
[C] funaria
[D] none

Question No:3

Which one is correct about protonema?

[A] It is a dominant stage mosses
[B] Develops from spore
[C] It is creeping, green, branched and frequently filamentous
[D] All are correct

Question No:4

Leafy stage in bryophytes

[A] Develops from secondary protonema
[B] Consist of upright, slender axis and bears consist of alternately arranged leaves
[C] Attached to the soil through unicellular and branched rhizoids
[D] All

Question No:5

Sex organs in mosses develops on

[A] secondary protonema
[B] leafy stage
[C] on capsule of sporophyte
[D] none

Question No:6

Vegetative reproduction in mosses takes place by

[A] fragmentation and budding in secondary protonema
[B] binary fission
[C] spore dispersal
[D] all

Question No:7

Sporophyte of mosses is more elaborated from

[A] ferns
[B] pinus
[C] polytrichum
[D] marchantia

Question No:8

Spores in bryophytes are formed by

[A] mitosis
[B] meiosis in gametophyte
[C] mitosis in zygote
[D] meiosis in zygote

Question No:9

Elaborate mechanism of spore dispersal is found in

[A] ferns
[B] mosses
[C] liverworts
[D] none

Question No:10

Sphagnum belongs to

[A] ferns
[B] liverworts
[C] mosses
[D] none

Question No:11

The plants frequently grown as ornamentals and are used for medicinal purpose belong to

[A] angiosperms
[B] pteridophytes
[C] algae
[D] some protist

Question No:12

The first terrestrial plants to posses vascular tissues are

[A] gymnosperms
[B] bryophyte
[C] pteridophytes
[D] all

Question No:13

The main plant body of pteridophytes is

[A] gametophytes as well as sporophyte
[B] sporophyte
[C] none
[D] both

Question No:14

The plant body of pteridophyte is

[A] not well-developed
[B] lacks vascular tissue
[C] is thalloid
[D] posses true root, leaves and stem

Question No:15

Pteridophytes have only

[A] small microphyllous leaves
[B] large macrophyllous leaves
[C] both microphyllous as well as macrophyllous in some of the ferns
[D] all of above