NCERT Biology plant kingdom Questions,answers,model papers NEET

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-11

Question No:1

Bryophytes required ____ for fertilization

[A] nutrients
[B] water
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:2

Which of the following statement is incorrect in respect to bryophytes?

[A] The plant body is thallus like, more differentiated than algae and attached to substratum by help of rhizoids
[B] The antherozoids are released in water for fertilization
[C] Zygote formed undergoes meiote division immediately
[D] They have leaf like, stem like and root like structures

Question No:3

The sporophyte of bryophytes develops after

[A] reduction division of zygote
[B] multiplication in zygote
[C] before the formation of zygote
[D] none

Question No:4

Sporophyte of bryophytes is
I. multicellular body.
II. parasite on gametophyte.
III. partially undergoes reduction division to form spores.
IV. derives the water from gametophytes.

[A] II and III
[B] III and IV
[C] Only I
[D] All

Question No:5

____ forms gametophyte of bryophytes

[A] Zygote
[B] Sporophyte
[C] Gametes
[D] Spores

Question No:6

The organism having more differentiated plant body than algae

[A] protist
[B] mosses
[C] monera
[D] none

Question No:7

The gametophyte possessing leaf like, root like and stem like structure is

[A] gymnosperm
[B] chlorophyceae
[C] slime molds
[D] mosses

Question No:8

The male sex organ of bryophyte is called

[A] antherozoids
[B] testes
[C] globule
[D] none

Question No:9

The sex organ in bryophytes are

[A] reduced to single celled stage
[B] multicellular
[C] net cell developed
[D] formed in sporophyte stage

Question No:10

The main plant body of bryophyte is

[A] haploid
[B] diploid
[C] polyploidy
[D] all

Question No:11

Female sex organ of bryophytes is

[A] oval in shape
[B] irregular
[C] flask shaped
[D] depends on the organism

Question No:12

Female sex organ of bryophyte is called

[A] nucule
[B] ovary
[C] oogonia
[D] archegonium

Question No:13

Archegonium contains ____ egg cells in bryophytes

[A] more than one
[B] two
[C] four
[D] one

Question No:14

Division in zygote results in formation of____ in bryophytes

[A] gametophyte
[B] sporophyte
[C] antherozoids
[D] archegonium

Question No:15

Gametophyte of bryophyte is

[A] free living and sporophyte
[B] free living and autotrophic
[C] may be free living or auto tropic
[D] always pressure