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Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-10

Question No:1

Floridean starch is similar to

[A] amylopectin
[B] glycogen
[C] fructose
[D] both (a) and (b)

Question No:2

The spores and gametes of red algae are

[A] motile and non motile
[B] both are motile
[C] both non motile
[D] motile spores and non motile gamete

Question No:3

Sexual reproduction of oogamous type is found in

[A] red algae
[B] green algae
[C] brown algae
[D] all

Question No:4

Most reduced type of sexual reproduction is found in the members of

[A] red algae
[B] green algae
[C] brown algae
[D] all

Question No:5

____ reproduction shown by members of rhodophyceae

[A] Oogamous
[B] Isogamous
[C] Anisogamous
[D] All

Question No:6

Fronds are found in which of the following algae?
I. Laminaria
II. Fucus
III. Dictyota
IV. Porphyra

[A] I, II, and III
[B] I and II
[C] II and III
[D] All

Question No:7

Air bladders are shown by

[A] fucus
[B] laminaria
[C] dictyota
[D] all

Question No:8

How many of the following algae belong to the category of red algae?
Polysiphonia, Gelidium, Laminaria, Spirogyra, Porphyra, Fucus, Chlamydomonas

[A] 2
[B] 3
[C] 4
[D] 5

Question No:9

Members of phaeophyceae are

[A] ectocarpus, dictyota, fucus and Sargassum
[B] ectocarpus, dictyota, fucus and porphyra
[C] chlamydomonas, Volvox, Ulothrix
[D] gracilaria and gelidium

Question No:10

Poly sulphate esters are present in the cell wall of

[A] ectocarpus and dictyota
[B] gelidium and gracilaria
[C] ectocarpus and Sargassum
[D] spirogyra and chara

Question No:11

71. Pear-shaped gametes are found in

[A] ectocarpus, dictyota and fucus
[B] Ulothrix, spirogyra, and ectocarpus
[C] ectocarpus, gelidium and gracilaria
[D] None

Question No:12

72. Complex post fertilization events are seen in

[A] chlorella and Spirulina
[B] gracilaria and porphyra
[C] Volvox and Ulothrix
[D] all

all Question No:13

Organisms referred to as amphibians of plant kingdom are

[A] pteridophytes
[B] bryophytes
[C] angiosperms
[D] gymnosperms

Question No:14

Bryophytes are found in

[A] rocky places
[B] hilly areas
[C] moist and shady places
[D] aquatic areas

Question No:15

Organisms play import role in plant succession on base rocks are

[A] mosses
[B] pteridophytes
[C] protist
[D] none