NCERT Biology plant kingdom Questions,mcqs,model papers NEET

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-12

Question No:1

Peat used in trans shipment is a product obtained by

[A] liverworts
[B] phaeophyceae
[C] mosses
[D] none

Question No:2

Organisms which first colonize base rocks is

[A] mosses
[B] mycorrhiza
[C] lichens
[D] both (a) and (c)

Question No:3

Mosses are ecologically important because
I. first organism to colonize base rocks.
II. decompose rocks making suitable for growth of higher plant. III. forms dense mats on soil.
IV reduce impact of falling rain and soil erosion.

[A] Only I
[B] Only II
[C] III and IV
[D] All

Question No:4

Peat which is long used as fuel is a product obtained from

[A] gelidium
[B] species of sphagnum
[C] all mosses
[D] all liverworts

Question No:5

Organisms participating as pioneers in ecological succession belongs to

[A] lichens
[B] mosses
[C] liverworts
[D] both (a) and (b)

Question No:6

Liverworts are found in

[A] moist shady places
[B] banks of steams, marshy ground
[C] damp soil, bard of trees and deep hi the woods
[D] all of the above

Question No:7

The thallus of liverworts are

[A] sexual multiplication of the formation of sex organs called gemmae
[B] dorsiventral and appressed to substrate
[C] found in xeric habitats
[D] diploid

Question No:8

Asexual reproduction in liverworts means

[A] fragmentation of thalli
[B] formation of specialized structure called gemmae
[C] both of above
[D] none of above

Question No:9

Gemmae in liverworts are formed during

[A] sexual reproduction
[B] asexual reproduction
[C] spore formation
[D] adverse conduction

Question No:10

Marchantia is

[A] an algae
[B] gymnosperm
[C] fern
[D] bryophyte

Question No:11

Sexual reproduction in liverworts takes place by

[A] formation of sex organs always on the same thallus
[B] formation of male and female sex organs on different thallus
[C] sexual reproduction is absent
[D] male and female sex organs may be present on same or different thalli

Question No:12

The sporophyte in liverworts

[A] is the dominant and main phase of the plant body
[B] is differentiated into foot, seta and capsule
[C] parasite on the gametophyte
[D] both (b) and (c)

Question No:13

Spore in bryophytes are formed

[A] on the gametophyte
[B] on the sporophyte
[C] in the seta of sporophyte
[D] in the capsule of sporophyte

Question No:14

The gametophyte of bryophyte develops from

[A] a haploid spore
[B] a diploid spore
[C] zygote
[D] none

Question No:15

Zygote of bryophyte

[A] multiply and form gametophyte
[B] multiply and form the sporophyte
[C] undergoes reduction division just after formation
[D] all are correct