NCERT class11 NEET Biology model Exam,sample,practice tests,Questions

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-4

Question No:1

In the nucleus, the region of chromatin which is loosely packed is known as

[A] Heterochromatin
[B] Chromatin fibres
[C] Euchromatin
[D] Chromosome

Question No:2

Which is true about the structure of Heterochromatin?

[A] Loosely packed; Stain light
[B] Loosely packed; Stain dark
[C] Densely packed; Stain light
[D] Densely packed; Stain dark

Question No:3

Transformation experiments hi search of genetic material were performed by

[A] GJ. Mandel
[B] T.H. Morgan
[C] F. Griffith
[D] EH. Crick

Question No:4

Griffith carried out his experiments on mice using which pathogenic bacterium?

[A] Haemophilus influenza
[B] Corynebacterium diphtheria
[C] Streptococcus pneumonia
[D] Yersinia pestis

Question No:5

In Griffith’s experiment, heat killed S-strain when injected into mice resulted in _____.

[A] diseased condition only
[B] death only
[C] no disease or death
[D] Hybrid formation

Question No:6

The transforming principle in Griffith’s experiment was detected

[A] When live S-strain of S. pneumoniae were injected in R stain
[B] When live R-strain of S. pneumoniae were injected in S-strain
[C] When heat killed R-strain of S, pneumoniae were injected in S-strain
[D] When heat killed S-strain of S. pneumonia were injected in R-strain

Question No:7

Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod and Maclyn Me Carry (1933 – 44) worked to determine the _____ nature of ‘transforming principle’ in Griffith’s experiment,

[A] physical
[B] morphological
[C] structural
[D] biochemical

Question No:8

RNA digesting enzymes are commonly known as

[A] Ribozymes
[B] Ribosomes
[C] R Nases
[D] Ribulose

Question No:9

What is the difference between DNAs and D Nase?

[A] Genetic material—DNA digesting enzyme
[B] DNA digesting enzyme—Genetic material
[C] Protein—Peptide
[D] None of the above

Question No:10

The experiment which provides unequivocal proof that DNA is genetic material came from the experiment of:

[A] Watson and Crick
[B] Wilkins and Franklin
[C] Hershey and Chase
[D] Avery, MacLeod and Maclyn Me Carty

Question No:11

In the Hershey-Chase experiments the following isotopes were used

[A] 32S, 30P
[B] 31S, 29P
[C] 35S, 32P
[D] 34S, 33P

Question No:12

The Hershey-Chase experiments show the following steps chronologically:

[A] Blending, Infection, Centrifugation
[B] Centrifugation, Infection, Blending
[C] Infection, Centrifugation, Blending
[D] Infection, Blending, Centrifugation

Question No:13

In Hershey-Chase experiments, 35S labelled _____ and 32P labelled _____ respectively,

[A] Bacteria, DNA
[B] DNA, Protein
[C] Protein, DNA

Question No:14

DNA is a preferred genetic material over RNA due to one of the following reasons

[A] Bases are arranged linearly in a single strand.
[B] Bases show less propensity of mutation.
[C] 2 OH group in RNA is more liable.
[D] None of the above

Question No:15

Which was the first genetic material?

[C] Proteins
[D] None