NEET NCERT Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance mock test,MCQs,pdf

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-9

Question No:1

HGP was closely associated with the rapid development of _____.

[A] Chemo informatics
[B] Modern genetics
[C] Pharmaco informatics
[D] Bioinformatics

Question No:2

Human Genome project was a ———X —– year long project starting from —– Y —–Y —– to Z —–

[A] X = 13, Y= 1980.X =1993
[B] X = 12, Y= 1990, Z = 2002
[C] X = 13, Y = 1990, Z = 2003
[D] X= 14, Y= 1990, Z = 2004

Question No:3

ELSI strands for:

[A] Ethical, Logical and Society Issues
[B] Ethical, Legal and Society Issues
[C] Ethical, Logical and Social Issues
[D] Ethical. Legal and Social Issues

Question No:4

Caenorhabditis elegans is a free-living non-pathogenic _____.

[A] Annelid
[B] Nematode
[C] Crustacean
[D] Mammal

Question No:5

Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) is an approach practised in _____.

[A] DNA fingerprinting
[B] DNA sequencing
[C] DNA replicating
[D] DNA transformation

Question No:6

Sequencing the whole genome of an organism into coding and non-coding sequences is termed as

[A] Sequence determination
[B] Sequence detection
[C] Sequence annotation
[D] Sequence completion

Question No:7

BAC, a vector used in biotechnology for cloning, stands for

[A] Bacterial Actual Chromosome
[B] Bacterial Artificial Chromosome
[C] Bacterial Annoted Chromosome
[D] None of the above

Question No:8

The credit for developing a method for determination of DNA as well as protein sequence goes to

[A] Sanger
[B] Watson
[C] Taylor
[D] Monod

Question No:9

In HGP, the chromosome _____ was completed in May 20

[A] 2
[B] 1
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:10

Which of the following is NOT a salient feature of the Human Genome Project?

[A] The human genome contains 3614.7 million nucleotide bases
[B] Less than 2% genome codes for proteins
[C] Over 50% of the genes discovered are yet to be investigated regarding their functions.
[D] Chromosome Y has the fewest of genes.

Question No:11

Under HGP, scientists have located 1 .4 million locations where difference in single DNA base exists. It is termed as

[A] Microsatellites
[B] Single nucleotide polymorphism
[C] Polymorphonucleuar regions
[D] Sequential nucleotide polymorphis

Question No:12

DNA fingerprinting is based on the principle of identifying _____ sequences of DNA.

[A] satellite
[B] variable
[C] mutated
[D] repetitive

Question No:13

Variations at genetic level in nucletodies is termed as

[A] Allotropy
[B] Polymorphism
[C] Isomerism
[D] Tautomerism

Question No:14

If inheritable mutation is observed in a population at high frequency, it is termed as

[A] DNA mutation
[B] DNA isomerism
[C] DNA polymorphism
[D] None

Question No:15

The technique of _____ was discovered by AIec Jeffreys.

[A] DNA culture
[B] DNA modification
[C] DNA mutation
[D] DNA fingerprinting