NEET NCERT Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance mock,model exams

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-5

Question No:1

‘It has not escaped our notice that the specific pairing we have postulated immediately suggests a possible copying mechanism for the genetic material. This was a statement of

[A] Wilkins and Franklin
[B] Hershey and Chase
[C] Avery, McLeod, McCarty
[D] Watson and Crick

Question No:2

After replication, each DNA molecule has one parental and one newly synthesized strand. This scheme is referred to as

[A] Fully conservative
[B] Mutation
[C] Crossing over
[D] Semiconservative

Question No:3

Semiconservative replication of DNA was demonstrated by

[A] Meselson and Stahl
[B] Watson and Crick
[C] Hershey and Chase
[D] Wilkins and Franklin

Question No:4

In Meselson and Stahl experiment, E. coli was grown in a medium containing

[A] 40KCL
[B] 24NaCl
[C] 15NH4Cl
[D] CsCl

Question No:5

In Meselson and Stahl experiment, 15N can only be differentiated on the basis of

[A] Radioactivity
[B] Radioactive t 1/2
[C] Physical observation
[D] Density gradient

Question No:6

Taylor and his colleagues used which plant to detect distribution of newly synthesized DNA?

[A] Pisum sativum
[B] Mirabilis jalapa
[C] Vicia faba
[D] Triticum aestivum

Question No:7

Taylor and his colleagues used which radioactive probe to detect distribution of newly synthesized DNA in chromosomes?

[A] Thymine
[B] Ademine
[C] Guanine
[D] Cytosine

Question No:8

The process of replication of DNA in E. coli requires an enzyme referred to as

[A] RNA dependent DNA polymerase
[B] RNA polymerase
[C] DNA dependent DNA polymerase
[D] DNA ligase

Question No:9

E. coli completes replication in approximately

[A] 15 min
[B] 20 min
[C] 38 min
[D] 40 min

Question No:10

Deoxyribonucleotide triphosphate serves the dual purpose of _____ and _____ in the process of replication of DNA.

[A] enzyme, substrate
[B] catalyst, substrate
[C] substrate, energy provider
[D] energy, mutage provider

Question No:11

The average rate of polymerization of deoxyribonucleotides in E. coli DNA replication process is

[A] 2500 bp/s
[B] 2000 bp/s
[C] 3000 bp/s
[D] 3500 bp/s

Question No:12

DNA dependent DNA polymerase catalyses polymerization in _____ direction only (in terms of newly synthesized strands),

[A] 5 ->3
[B] 3 -> 5
[C] 5 -> 3
[D] 3 -> 5

Question No:13

Discontinuously synthesized strands of DNA adjacent to _____ DNA template are joined together by _____.

[A] 5 —> 3, DNA endonucleace
[B] 3—> 5, DNA ase
[C] 5—> 3, DNA ligase
[D] 5 —> 3, DNA ligase

Question No:14

During which phase of the cell cycle does replication of DNA takes place in eukaryotes?

[A] G1
[B] G0
[C] S
[D] G2

Question No:15

The process of copying genetic information from DNA to RNA is known as

[A] Translation
[B] Transduction
[C] Transcription
[D] Transformation