NEET NCERT Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQs,grand tests

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-7

Question No:1

In a post-transcriptional modification, capping adds an unusual nucleotide like

[A] Guanosine triphosphate
[B] Methyl gunanine triphosphate
[C] Methyl guanosine triphosphate
[D] Adenosine triphosphate

Question No:2

In a post-transcriptional modification called tailing, _______ residues are added at the _____of mRNA.

[A] Adenylate, 5 – end
[B] Guanylate, 3 – end
[C] Adenylate, 3 -end
[D] Guanylate, 5 -end

Question No:3

mRNA is in fact

[A] Unprocessed rRNA
[B] Unprocessed hnRNA
[C] Processed hnRNA
[D] Processed mRNA itself

Question No:4

A physicist, George Gamow, argued that genetic code is a combination of _____ nucleotides.

[A] three
[B] two
[C] four
[D] one

Question No:5

Humans requires _____ codons to synthesize 20 amino acids,

[A] 64 codons
[B] 61 codons
[C] 62 codons
[D] 60 codons

Question No:6

The chemical method developed by _____ was instrumental in synthesizing RNA molecules with defined combination of bases.

[A] Marshal Nirenberg
[B] George Gamow
[C] Har Gobind Khorana
[D] F.H.C. Crick

Question No:7

_____ cell-free system for protein synthesis finally helped the genetic code to be deciphered,

[A] George Gamow’s
[B] Marshall Nirenberg’s
[C] Har Gobind Khorana’s
[D] J.D. Watson’s

Question No:8

Some amino acids are coded by more than one codon. Hence the genetic code exhibits

[A] Specificity
[B] Selectivity
[C] Degeneracy
[D] Regenerancy

Question No:9

The codon AUG has dual function as it codes for _____ and also acts as a _____ codon.

[A] phenylalanine, initiator
[B] methionine, terminator
[C] methionine, regulator
[D] methionine, initiator

Question No:10

Sickle cell anaemia is a classic example of

[A] Frame shift mutation
[B] Point mutation
[C] Deletion mutation
[D] Duplication mutation

Question No:11

In sickle cell anaemia, which amino acid modification occurs in the x-chain of amino acid?

[A] Valine -> Glutamate
[B] Threonine -> Valine
[C] Tyrosine -> Glutamate
[D] Glutamate ->Valine

Question No:12

tRNA was earlier called

[A] Adapter molecule
[B] Special RNA
[C] Protein carrying RNA
[D] Soluble RNA

Question No:13

For the initiation of translation process, specific tRNAs involved are known as

[A] Helper t-RNA
[B] Assistor t-RNA
[C] Initiator t-RNA
[D] Terminal t-RNA

Question No:14

The process of polymerization of amino acids to polypeptide is known as

[A] Pepto-polymerization
[B] Transcription
[C] Translation
[D] Transformation

Question No:15

Charging of tRNA is also known as

[A] Acylation
[B] Transmination
[C] Amino allylation
[D] Amino acylation