NEET NCERT Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance PDFs,grand tests

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-8

Question No:1

tRNA for serine bears anticodon _____.


Question No:2

The structure of tRNA resembles which leaf?

[A] Olive
[B] Neem
[C] Clove
[D] Clover

Question No:3

Ribosomes are the cellular factory for synthesis of _____.

[A] Carbohydrates
[B] Enzymes
[C] Proteins
[D] Lipids

Question No:4

Ribozyme in bacteria is _____ rRNA.

[A] 30 S
[B] 32 S
[C] 23 S
[D] 21 S

Question No:5

Additional sequences on mRNA referred to as _____ are not translated,

[A] Variable number tandem repeats
[B] Non coding sequence
[C] Untranscribed regions
[D] Untranslated regions

Question No:6

In Eukaryotes, which of the following mechanisms is not correct in terms of regulation of gene expression?

[A] Transcription
[B] Splicing
[C] Transport of mRNA from cytoplasm to nucleus
[D] Translation

Question No:7

beta-galactosidase is synthesized by E. coli to catalyze hydrolysis of _____ into _____ and glucose.

[A] galactose, lactose
[B] galactose, glucose
[C] lactose, galactose
[D] maltose, galactose

Question No:8

Lac operon was elucidated by

[A] Watson, Crick
[B] Jacob, Monod
[C] Johannson
[D] Meischer

Question No:9

A polycistronic structural gene is regulated by a common promoter and regulator gene in bacteria and is commonly termed as

[A] Codon
[B] Operon
[C] Genetic code
[D] None

Question No:10

Out of the 3 structural genes z, y and a, the gene (s) which gene of E. coli lac Operon code for permease.

[A] z
[B] s
[C] y
[D] Both(b)&(c)

Question No:11

Represser protein in lac operon concept binds to which gene?

[A] d
[B] i
[C] o
[D] z

Question No:12

In lac operon, the inducer binds to ______ to initiate synthesis of enzymes responsible for lactose metabolism.

[A] i gene
[B] Represser
[C] O gene
[D] Z gene

Question No:13

Lac operon operates in E. Coli _____.

[A] occasionally
[B] frequently
[C] all time
[D] sometimes

Question No:14

Generally regulation of lac operon by represser is referred to as _____ regulation.

[A] positive
[B] negative
[C] feedback
[D] both (b) and (c)

Question No:15

Considering cost of sequencing 1 bp to be US 3$, 4 the approximate cost of HGP (Human Genome Project) would come out to be _____.

[A] 3 billion
[B] 9 million
[C] 9 billion
[D] 3 million