NEET NCERT Microbes Human welfare,Biology PDFs,Bits,important notes

Microbes in Human Welfare Mock Test-6

Question No:1

The gas produced as end-product during growth and metabolism of microbes depends on:

[A] Nature of microbe and substrate
[B] Nature of digester tank and microbe
[C] Nature of microbe only
[D] Oxygen levels in the digester tank

Question No:2

Methanogens produce certain gases by growing on cellulosic material. What kind of organisms are they?

[A] Fungi
[B] Algae
[C] Bacteria
[D] Lichen

Question No:3

Methanogens are ______ microbes.

[A] Anaerobic
[B] Aerobic
[C] Microaerophils
[D] Aerotobront

Question No:4

Methanogens produces which gases amongst the following list of gases?

[A] CH4, H2,O2,H2
[B] H2 S,H2,O2CO2
[C] CH4, H2,CO2
[D] H2 S, H2O2, CO2

Question No:5

The most commonly found methanogens in anaerobic sludge is

[A] Ethanobacterium
[B] Methanobacterium
[C] Cyanobacterium
[D] Both (b) and (c)

Question No:6

The rumen of cattle harbours which bacteria?

[A] Methanogens
[B] Cyanobacteria
[C] Cellulogens
[D] Ethanogens

Question No:7

What is the role of bacteria present in the rumen of cattle?

[A] Production of methane
[B] Regulation of digestion
[C] Breakdown of cellulose
[D] Synthesis of polysaccharides

Question No:8

Gobar gas is the same as ______ .

[A] Water gas
[B] Biogas
[C] Natural gas
[D] None of the above

Question No:9

The depth of concrete tank, a part of biogas plant, ranges from ______ to ______

[A] 10- 15 feet
[B] 10-15 metre
[C] 15-20 feet
[D] 15-20 metre

Question No:10

What is the input material for a biogas plant?

[A] Bio wastes
[B] Slurry of dung
[C] Industrial waste
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:11

A ______ is placed over the slurry in biogas plant.

[A] gas holder
[B] floating cover
[C] digester
[D] gas filter

Question No:12

The spent slurry in a biogas plant is used as ______ .

[A] pesticide
[B] fertilizer
[C] insecticide
[D] herbicide

Question No:13

Apart from cooking, biogas is generally used in rural areas for ______

[A] Mechanical work
[B] Lighting
[C] Chemical transformation
[D] None of the above