NEET NCERT Microbes Human welfare,NEET grand test papers,MCQs

Microbes in Human Welfare Mock Test-3

Question No:1

Citric acid is produced by ______.

[A] Aspergillus niger
[B] Sachharomyces cerevisiae
[C] Lactobacillus
[D] Clostridium butylicum

Question No:2

Acetobacter aceti essentially produces ______.

[A] Citric acid
[B] Acetic acid
[C] Butyric acid
[D] Lactic acid

Question No:3

Which microbe produces butyric acid?

[A] Sachharomyces cerevisiae
[B] Clostridium butylicum
[C] Aspergillus niger
[D] Propionibacterium sharmanii

Question No:4

A bacterium which is a rich source of lactic acid is ______.

[A] Lactobacillus
[B] Aspergillus
[C] Clostridium
[D] Sachharomyces

Question No:5

Which enzyme produced by microbes is an important ingredient in detergent formulations?

[A] Hydrourse
[B] Lipase
[C] Pectinase
[D] Cleansase

Question No:6

The fruit juices available commercially are clearer than ones which are homemade. Which ingredient is added in commercially available fruit juices?

[A] Lipase and Protease
[B] Pectinase and Hydrolase
[C] Pectinase and Protease
[D] Hydrolase and Protease

Question No:7

Which enzyme is known as ‘clot-buster’?

[A] Protease
[B] Thrombokinase
[C] Streptokinase
[D] Hydrolase

Question No:8

‘Clot-buster’ is produced by which microbe?

[A] Staphylococcus
[B] Streptococcus
[C] Penicillium
[D] Aspergillus

Question No:9

The enzyme streptokinase is used medicinally to:

[A] Check growth of microbes in body fluids
[B] Remove blood clots from the blood vessels
[C] Weaken walls of blood vessels
[D] Create blood clots in blood vessels

Question No:10

Which drugs are often administered before and after organ transplant procedure?

[A] Immuno modulators
[B] Immuno suppressants
[C] Vaccination
[D] Anabolic steroids

Question No:11

Which drug is generally administered at the time of organ-transplant procedure?

[A] Actinomycin-D
[B] Bleomycin
[C] Cyclosporin-A
[D] Paclitaxel

Question No:12

Cyclosporine-A is produced by fungus ______.

[A] Trichoderma polysporum
[B] Penicillium notatum
[C] Micromonospora
[D] Aspergillums niger

Question No:13

Blood cholesterol lowering agents are known as ______.

[A] Steroids
[B] Statins
[C] Lipolytics
[D] Diuretics

Question No:14

Monascus purpureus is a commercial source of ______.

[A] Antibiotices
[B] Statins
[C] Pectinase
[D] Ethanol

Question No:15

The mechanism of action of statins is ______.

[A] allosteric inhibition of enzyme responsible for synthesis of cholesterol
[B] competitive inhibition of enzyme responsible for synthesis of cholesterol
[C] irreversible inhibition of enzyme responsible for synthesis of cholesterol
[D] None of the above