NEET NCERT Microbes Human welfare Objective Questions,biology PDFs

Microbes in Human Welfare Mock Test-2

Question No:1

Roquefort cheese is ripened by growing a specific fungus on it which gives it a particular

[A] texture
[B] large holes
[C] flavour
[D] color

Question No:2

Vessels for growing microbes on industrial scale are known as ______.

[A] Incubators
[B] Sterilizers
[C] Fermentors
[D] Microbial vessels

Question No:3

Alcoholic beverages are produced by microbial fermentation of:

[A] Malted cereals
[B] Fruit juices
[C] Vegetable juices
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:4

Brewer’s Yeast is:

[A] Saccharomyces cariocanus
[B] Saccharomyces florentinus
[C] Saccharomyces cerevisiae
[D] Saccharomyces spencerorum

Question No:5

______ is the alcoholic beverage obtained without distillation,

[A] Whiskey
[B] Brandy
[C] Wine
[D] Rum

Question No:6

Point the odd one out.

[A] Rum
[B] Beer
[C] Whiskey
[D] Brandy

Question No:7

‘Antibiotics’ literally means:

[A] Protecting life
[B] Against life
[C] Healing life
[D] Accelerating life

Question No:8

Penicillin was discovered by ______.

[A] Edward Jenner
[B] Louis Pastew
[C] Alexander Fleming
[D] Howard Florey

Question No:9

Penicillin was discovered by chance as the organism producing it retarded growth of

[A] Lactobacilli
[B] Staphylococci
[C] Streptococci
[D] E. Coli

Question No:10

The name penicillin was given after the mould ______.

[A] Penicillium notatum
[B] Penicillium chrysogenum
[C] Penicillium candidum
[D] Penicillium glaucum

Question No:11

The full potential as an effective antibiotic in context of penicillin was studied by _

[A] Sutton and Boveri
[B] Chain and Florey
[C] Watson and Crick
[D] Edward Jenner

Question No:12

Penicillin was extensively used during which war?

[A] World War I
[B] World War II
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] Cold War

Question No:13

______ soldiers were extensively treated with penicillin during World War II.

[A] German
[B] Austrian
[C] American
[D] Japanese

Question No:14

‘Gal ghotu’ is a common name for which disease?

[A] Whooping cough
[B] Diphtheria
[C] Plague
[D] Leprosy

Question No:15

‘Kusht rog’ is a common name for which disease?

[A] Dermatitis
[B] Plague
[C] Leprosy
[D] Whooping cough