NCERT Biology Human helath diesease,Round worm,dermatitis,virus,RN

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-4

Question No:1
Wuchereria causes

(A) (a) Acute inflammation
(B) (b) Chronic inflammation
(C) (c) Bacterial inflammation
(D) (d) Viral inflammation

Question No:2
Elephantiasis is caused by the bite of

(A) (a) W. malayi
(B) (b) Elephants
(C) (c) Female mosquito
(D) (d) Male mosquito

Question No:3
Ringworm is caused by

(A) (a) Round worm
(B) (b) Bacteria
(C) (c) Fungi
(D) (d) Virus

Question No:4
Which fungal genera are not responsible for causing ringworm?

(A) (a) Megasporum
(B) (b) Trichophyton
(C) (c) Epidermophyton
(D) (d) None

Question No:5
Which are the main symptoms of ringworm?

(A) (a) Appearance of worms on skin
(B) (b) Appearance of dry scaly lesions
(C) (c) Inflammation of limbs
(D) (d) Fever and chills

Question No:6
Which factors are necessary for the growth of the fungi?

(A) (a) Moisture and sebum
(B) (b) Heat and Hair
(C) (c) Body odour
(D) (d) Heat and moisture

Question No:7
In ringworm which parts of the body are usually affected?

(A) (a) Skin, hair and scalp
(B) (b) Skin, nails and hands
(C) (c) Skin, hair and lips
(D) (d) Skin, nails and scalp

Question No:8
Combs of individuals infected with _____ can transmit the disease,

(A) (a) sebborhitis
(B) (b) dermatitis
(C) (c) ringworm
(D) (d) dandruff

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Question No:12
Ringworms are generally acquired from

(A) (a) Water
(B) (b) Air
(C) (c) Soil
(D) (d) Food

Question No:13
The mosquito larvae are fed upon by

(A) (a) Ambrosia
(B) (b) Gambusia
(C) (c) Mosquito repellent
(D) (d) Turtles

Question No:14
Dengue is caused by which vector?

(A) (a) Anopheles mosquito
(B) (b) Aedes mosquito
(C) (c) Apollo mosquito
(D) (d) Plasmodium

Question No:15
A deadly disease, small pox, has been eradicated through

(A) (a) Antiserum
(B) (b) Vaccination
(C) (c) Cauterisation
(D) (d) Antidote

Question No:16
Chikungunya is spread by the vector

(A) (a) Fungal spores
(B) (b) Housefly
(C) (c) Mosquito
(D) (d) Reptiles

Question No:17
Every day our body is exposed to a large number of infectious agents.But all are not capable of causing disease. This is due to

(A) (a) Decreased virulence of pathogen
(B) (b) Immunity of an individual
(C) (c) Genotype of an individual
(D) (d) Lifestyle of an individual

Question No:18
Innate immunity is a _____ type of defense mechanism,

(A) (a) specific
(B) (b) non specific
(C) (c) congenital
(D) (d) both (b) and (c)